2024 Preliminary Attendee List

Attendee List

Savannah 2024 Attendee & Exhibit Staff

**Beware of Scammers!! Disregard any calls or emails with solicitations for hotel rooms or attendee lists**

Preliminary as of April 7, 2024

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  Company State First Name Last Ini... Job Title Registration Date Badge
1 5-15 Industrial Resources TX John Wal... President 04/01/2024 Attendee
2 ACCESS Rudolf Technologies SC Diana Sav... Director 03/27/2024 Attendee
3 ADAMA NA NC Cyndi Wri... NA Procurement Manager 03/05/2024 Attendee
4 Adjuvants Unlimited OK Tom McA... Commercial Development Manager 02/09/2024 Attendee
5 Adjuvants Unlimited, LLC OK Dan Kar... Vice President 02/09/2024 Attendee
6 Adjuvants Unlimited, LLC GA Michael Pom... Director, Commercial Development 02/24/2024 Attendee
7 ADM IN Cory Reh... Account Manager 03/21/2024 Attendee
8 Admix, Inc. NH Tom Ing... Regional Sales Manager - Chemical Market 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
9 Admix, Inc. NH Shawn McM... Regional Sales Manager - Chemical Market 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
10 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Christopher Mon... Chemist / Production Manager 10/12/2023 Attendee
11 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Matthew Rob... Senior R&D Metalworking 10/12/2023 Attendee
12 Advanced Chemical Concepts MI Craig Tun... President 10/12/2023 Attendee
13 Advanced Chemical Concepts, MI John Rus... Vice President of Sales & Marketing 10/12/2023 Attendee
14 Advent Silica Materials LLC NJ Tommy Wan... Founder 03/21/2024 Attendee
15 Aether Industries Limited India Aman Des... Director 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
16 Aether Industries Limited India Michelle Pog... US Business Development Manager 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
17 Aether Industries Limited India Jim Rin... US Business Development Leader 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
18 Aether Industries Limited India Raymond Roa... US Business Development Leader 09/13/2023 Exhibit Staff
19 AgraForm MO Doug Bas... Vice President 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
20 AgraForm MO Brian Isg... Production Manager 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
21 AgraForm, LLC MO Ron Cun... President 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
22 AgraForm, LLC MO William McV... Plant Engineer 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
23 AKPA Kimya Ambalaj San. Tic. Türkiye Ryan Okan One... North America Business Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
24 Alabama Power Company AL Chris May... Economic Development 03/20/2024 Attendee
25 Albaugh IA Travis Hes... Purchasing & Tolling Manager 04/04/2024 Attendee
26 Albaugh IA Nathan Tje... Global Supply Chain Manager 03/12/2024 Attendee
27 AllChem Industries TN Jim Wak... Southeast Sales Manager 10/17/2023 Attendee
28 Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD) VA Roselle Fol... Senior Director, Business Development 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
29 Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD) VA Jenni Jen... Sr. Director, Membership 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
30 Almamet USA Inc. PA Josef Lin... Director International Sales 02/09/2024 Attendee
31 ALTIVIA TX Tim Duh... Vice President - Commercial 03/26/2024 Attendee
32 ALTIVIA TX Chuck Kre... Manager - Commercial Development 03/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
33 ALTIVIA Specialty Chemical TX John Tha... Business Director - Specialty Chemicals 03/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
34 Alzchem LLC GA Dylan Duv... Chemical Sales and Business Development
03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
35 Alzchem LLC GA Jon Sch... President 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
36 Amalgamated Research LLC ID Irma Arr... Project Manager 10/18/2023 Exhibit Staff
37 Amalgamated Research, LLC ID Olivia Glu... Research Chemical Engineer 10/18/2023 Exhibit Staff
38 American Distillation, Inc. NC Donald Out... Operations Manager 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
39 American Distillation, Inc. NC Barry Whi... Site Coordinator 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
40 Andritz Separation Tec, Inc. TX Steve Jac... Sales Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
41 Andritz Separation, Inc. TX Michael Gei... VP of Capital Sales 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
42 Andritz Separation, Inc. TX Patrick Joh... Capital & Aftermarket Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
43 Andritz Separation, Inc. TX John Wes... Service Sales Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
44 Anova Tank Monitoring FL Adam Mee... Account Manager 03/15/2024 Attendee
45 Aquaserv TN Matt Mar... VP of Sales & Marketing 03/26/2024 Attendee
46 Archer Daniels Midland IL Jessica McA... Account Manager Industrial Oils 01/25/2024 Exhibit Staff
47 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) IL Eric Vee... SR. Account Manager 01/30/2024 Exhibit Staff
48 Arthur Engineering, LLC GA William Art... President & Mechanical Engineer 03/25/2024 Attendee
49 Arthur Engineering, LLC GA Anthony Rai... Mechanical Engineer / Operations Manager 03/25/2024 Attendee
50 Asambly Chemicals Co.,Ltd China Zhicheng Hua... General Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
51 Ascentium Capital AZ Fredric Fia... Vendor Relationship Manager II 04/02/2024 Attendee
52 ATLANTA QUIMICA Mexico ULISES SIL... managing director 03/29/2024 Attendee
53 Atticus LLC NC Darryl May... Senior Manager, Procurement, Raw Materials 02/14/2024 Attendee
54 Atticus LLC NC Chris Sca... Procurement Specialist- Packaging 03/18/2024 Attendee
55 Augusta Fiberglass, Inc. SC Nathan Cra... Regional Sales 02/23/2024 Attendee
56 Augusta Fiberglass, Inc. SC Steve Mil... Regional Sales 02/23/2024 Attendee
57 AVCHEM NANJING CO., LTD China Charles Zha... GM 03/31/2024 Attendee
58 AVN Corporation WV JACK DEV... CHIEF TECHNOLOGY OFFICER 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
59 AVN Corporation WV STEVE HED... CHAIRMAN & CEO 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
60 AVN Corporation WV Jeremy Rad... Business Development Manager 10/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
61 Azelis A&ES LA Bob Lew... Area Sales Manager 03/05/2024 Attendee
62 BAAR Technologies LLC Brazil Gilmar Neg... CEO 03/30/2024 Attendee
63 BASF Corporation IL Jeffery Bat... Account Manager 01/19/2024 Attendee
64 BASF Corporation NC John Cou... Sr. Manufacturing Services Supervisor 02/09/2024 Attendee
65 BASF Corporation NC ROBERT KUR... Global Sourcing 02/27/2024 Attendee
66 BASF Corporation NJ Martin Nes... Global Category Buyer 03/11/2024 Attendee
67 BASF Corporation NJ Quyen Ngu... Account Manager 01/18/2024 Attendee
68 BASF Corporation NC Larry Rys Global Sourcing and Contracting Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
69 BCS GA Harry Col... VP - Sales 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
70 BCS GA Luke Dam... Product Manager 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
71 BCS GA Jonathan Den... VP - Operations 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
72 BCS GA Abigail Gib... Marketing Analyst 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
73 BCS GA Nick Mah... Technical Sales Representative 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
74 BCS GA Melissa McW... Makreting Manager 03/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
75 BdV Behrens US LLC TX Soren Bec... Managing Director 03/14/2024 Attendee
76 BdV Behrens US LLC TX Erik Hom... Vice President 03/14/2024 Attendee
77 Bericap AR Stanley Zav... Technical Sales Manager 02/19/2024 Attendee
78 Berndorf Band Group IL Andy Col... Sales Executive 09/20/2023 Exhibit Staff
79 Berndorf Band Group IL Stan Dju... Sales Executive 09/20/2023 Exhibit Staff
80 Berryman Chemical TX Brandon Kin... Midwest Regional Marketing Manager 03/05/2024 Attendee
81 Berryman Chemical Inc. IL Cameron Har... Regional Marketing Manager 03/06/2024 Attendee
82 BMO Capital Markets NY Michael Ros... Managing Director 03/27/2024 Attendee
83 BNP PARIBAS France FRANK GUA... INDUSTRY EXPERT 03/21/2024 Attendee
84 Boron Molecular USA Inc NC Rebecca Chr... Quality Manager 03/20/2024 Exhibit Staff
85 Boron Molecular USA Inc NC Oliver Hut... CEO 03/20/2024 Exhibit Staff
86 Boron Molecular USA Inc NC Sadegh Sha... General Manager 03/20/2024 Exhibit Staff
87 Boron Molecular USA Inc NC Angelica Wal... Operations Manager 03/20/2024 Exhibit Staff
88 BPS, Inc. AR Larry Byr... Business Development Manager 11/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
89 BPS, Inc. AR Antonio Her... Vice President of Sales & Lab Manager 03/24/2024 Exhibit Staff
90 Brandywine Label Printing PA Steve Don... Eastern Regional Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
91 Brandywine Label Printing PA Nathan Ste... Southern Region Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
92 Brenntag Mid-South TN Chris Ric... Industry Specialist 01/12/2024 Attendee
93 Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. IL Monroe Boy... Industry Specialist 01/09/2024 Attendee
94 Brenntag North America PA Gerald Den... VP Value Added Services NA 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
95 Brenntag North America NC Carl Eas... VP Value Added Services MS 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
96 Brenntag North America PA Patrick Tin... Product Manager Surfactants Americas 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
97 Briar Chemicals Limited United Kingdom Alex Har... Commercial Manager 02/05/2024 Attendee
98 Briar Chemicals Limited United Kingdom Marie Woo... Business Development Executive 02/05/2024 Attendee
99 Bulk Connection NC Charles Kil... Director Business Development 02/27/2024 Attendee
100 C Three Logistics, LLC NJ JoAnne Bri... Vice President 09/04/2023 Attendee
101 CABB Jayhawk Fine Chemicals KS Jeff Cas... Business Director, CM 10/17/2023 Attendee
102 Calpine Energy Solutions TX Rebecca Hal... Sales Representative 03/04/2024 Attendee
103 Capital Resin Corporation OH Conner Bul... Sales Coordinator 03/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
104 Capital Resin Corporation OH Michael Yin... Director of Sales & Marketing 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
105 Carolina Eastern-Crop Excel. SC Jim Tho... Director 10/11/2023 Attendee
106 Carpenter Co VA Daniel Wee... Account Manager 03/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
107 Carpenter Company VA Tom Cur... Business Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
108 Carpenter Company NC Fred Hol... Sr. Account Manager 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
109 CCL Label TN Jim Bal... National Account Manager 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
110 CCL Label TN David Buc... National Account Manager 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
111 CCL Label TN Greg Tho... National Account Representative 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
112 CCL Label AR David Tie... National Accounts Manager 01/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
113 CeraMem LLC MA Kevin Don... Business Development Manager 02/29/2024 Attendee
114 ChemDesign WI Rae Joh... Sr. VP Sales & Marketing 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
115 ChemDesign WI Bryon Leg... VP Business Development 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
116 ChemDesign WI David Mie... President & CEO 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
117 ChemDesign WI Joel Sal... VP of Operations 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
118 Chemformation TX Paul Bro... President 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
119 Chemformation TX Joe Bro... CEO 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
120 Chemformation TX Holly Mye... EVP 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
121 Chemol NC David Gri... General Manager 03/27/2024 Attendee
122 ChemPacific Corporation MD Christine McR... Business Development Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
123 ChemPacific Corporation MD Kyle Wat... Business Development Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
124 ChemPacific Corporation MD Maureen Zha... Business Development Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
125 Chempak International, Inc. TX Greg Lyo... Owner 03/25/2024 Attendee
126 CHEMTECH Netherlands Matthijs Plu... Managing Director 03/22/2024 Attendee
127 ChemTreat VA Clyde Rit... Global Category Manager 11/10/2023 Attendee
128 Chiral Quest Inc. NJ Yongxiang Chi Director, Business Development US 03/11/2024 Attendee
129 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Clinton Bee... President & CEO 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
130 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Jeana Bee... Chief Human Resources Officer 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
131 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Robby Moo... V.P. of Operations 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
132 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Sims Tur... Sales Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
133 Clean Harbors IL John Dra... Business Development 03/19/2024 Attendee
134 Coface NA NJ Lou Gua... Vice President, Sales 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
135 Coface NA NJ Lou Gua... Vice President, Sales 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
136 Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Rob Rob... President 04/01/2024 Attendee
137 Colonial Chemical Solutions GA Nathan Smi... VP of Sales 04/01/2024 Attendee
138 Comi Polaris Systems NC Jessica Ast... CEO 02/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
139 Comi Polaris Systems NC Hussain Fou... Sales Manager 02/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
140 Comi Polaris Systems NC Tom Min... Service Manager 02/22/2024 Exhibit Staff
141 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Jorge Hin... Commercial Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
142 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Raul Jas... Director 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
143 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Marco Mar... Project Leader 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
144 Concept AgriTek MO Donald Ham... Procurement Manager 02/09/2024 Attendee
145 Connect Chemicals USA GA Richard Gar... President 03/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
146 Connect Chemicals USA GA Kathy Wat... Inside Sales Manager 03/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
147 Connect Chemicals USA, LLC GA Lee Pol... Product Manager 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
148 Connection Chemical LP NH Fred Geo... Business Manager Organics 10/11/2023 Attendee
149 Container Mfg., Inc. NJ Rob Jen... Vice President Sales & Marketing 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
150 Container Mfg., Inc. GA Rob Jen... VP Operations & Corporate Development 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
151 Cremer NA OH Dean Bos... Manager Methyl Esters/Key Accounts 02/09/2024 Attendee
152 Cremer North America KY Justin Fro... Account Manager 01/03/2024 Attendee
153 Croda, Inc. DE Frank McL... Key Account Manager 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
154 CROSSOVER LOGISTICS (USA) TX Charlie Kni... Sales Director 01/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
155 CROSSOVER LOGISTICS (USA) TX Duane Sob... Managing Director 01/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
156 Crucible Chemical SC Mark Cha... President 01/30/2024 Attendee
157 Crucible Chemical SC Alex Wes... Sales Director 01/30/2024 Attendee
158 Crystal Quinone Pvt Ltd India Ivan Fer... GM-New Business Development & Marketing 03/26/2024 Attendee
159 Crystal Quinone Pvt Ltd India Aniket Sha... Executive Director 03/26/2024 Attendee
160 Current Chemicals OH William Coh... VP & GM 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
161 Custom Agronomics FL Sasha Peg... R&D Manager 02/15/2024 Attendee
162 Custom Chemical Services, LL TX Bobby Hya... Business Development Manager 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
163 Custom Chemical Services, LL TX Daryl Rad... VP of Sales and Marketing 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
164 Custom Milling & Consulting PA Anthony Sca... Process Engineer 03/13/2024 Attendee
165 Custom Milling & Consulting PA Steve Zaw... Sales Manager 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
166 Custom Milling & Consulting, PA John Sne... Technical Director 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
167 Datacor NJ Grace Kir... Event Services Manager 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
168 Datacor NJ Dan McC... VP of Sales 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
169 Datacor NJ Chris McM... Account Executive 03/25/2024 Exhibit Staff
170 DAXX TX Michael Nas... Director of Business Development 03/06/2024 Attendee
171 Deepwater Chemicals OK Jeff Bow... Sr. Sales Representative 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
172 Dhanima Inc TX Haresh Cho... President 10/04/2023 Attendee
173 Don Trading Company Canada Don Cho... president 03/10/2024 Attendee
174 Dooley Chemicals TN Greg Gib... President 10/11/2023 Attendee
175 Drexel Chemical Company TN Ernie Tow... Procurement Manager 02/02/2024 Attendee
176 DRT America LLC GA Jerry But... Sourcing Director, Ingredients 04/01/2024 Attendee
177 DYSTAR LP NC Barry Fer... Business Manager Textile Auxiliaries 03/27/2024 Attendee
178 Eastman Chemical TX Braeden Gum... Product Manager 03/09/2024 Exhibit Staff
179 Eastman Chemical TX Kyle McD... Commercial Manager 03/09/2024 Exhibit Staff
180 Eastman Chemical TN Luis F Zag... Global Sales Director 04/05/2024 Attendee
181 Eastman Chemical Company TN Jairo Bra... Regional Account Manager 03/06/2024 Attendee
182 Elan Technology Inc GA Andrew Kan... VP - Operations/Technology 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
183 Elan Technology Inc GA Terry McC... COO 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
184 Elan Technology, Inc. GA Tak Arg... Chairman/CEO 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
185 Elkem SC John Gar... R&T 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
186 Elkem NJ Kyle Jan... Sales 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
187 Elkem NJ Deanna Mic... Market Manager 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
188 Elkem Silicones NJ Duane MEI... Sales Distribution Manager 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
189 Elm Press, Inc. CT Doug Ror... Sales Executive 03/03/2024 Exhibit Staff
190 EMCO Chemical Packaging TN Travis Bar... Sales Representative 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
191 EMCO Chemical Packaging IL Randy Sch... Vice President - Contract Packaging 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
192 Encore Container SC Ashley Mar... Sales Manager 10/11/2023 Attendee
193 Envirozyme OH Jon Pet... National Sales Manager 02/22/2024 Attendee
194 Envirozyme OH John Ros... VP of Sales 02/22/2024 Attendee
195 EPIC Systems MO Kenny Ree... Vice President, EPIC Systems 03/29/2024 Attendee
196 EPIC Systems MO Ken Sip... Director, Process Systems and Automation 03/29/2024 Attendee
197 ESIM Chemicals GmbH Austria Jochen Dit... Director Key Account & Project Management 03/07/2024 Exhibit Staff
198 ESIM Chemicals GmbH Austria Lukas Sch... Deputy Head of Key Account & Project
03/07/2024 Exhibit Staff
199 Ethox Chemcials SC Greg Kau... Director of Purchasing & Planning 03/05/2024 Attendee
200 Ethox Chemcials SC Chris Wel... VP Sales 08/25/2023 Exhibit Staff
201 Ethox Chemicals SC Will Dav... Business Manager 08/28/2023 Exhibit Staff
202 Ethox Chemicals SC John Hem... Commercial Development Manager 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
203 Ethox Chemicals SC Phil How... President 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
204 Ethox Chemicals SC John Moy... Technical Sales 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
205 Ethox Chemicals SC Chip Pal... VP, Technical 02/16/2024 Attendee
206 Ethox Chemicals SC Brad Swi... Business Director 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
207 Ethox Chemicals SC Kurt Wal... Account Executive 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
208 Evergreen Engineering, Inc GA Alicia Gib... Principal 02/28/2024 Attendee
209 Evonik Oxeno LLC NJ Sanjay Kak... Business Director 03/15/2024 Attendee
210 Evonik OXENO LLC NJ Umar Kho... Business Manager 03/16/2024 Attendee
211 Exacto WI Eva Mag... Director of Strategy & Operations 02/27/2024 Attendee
212 Exacto WI Nongnuch Sut... Manager, Research Development and Innovation 03/07/2024 Attendee
213 Excel Industries Ltd India Pradeep Gha... COO 04/01/2024 Attendee
214 Excel Industries Ltd India Umesh Pra... General Manager - International Marketing 03/14/2024 Attendee
215 EXSIF IL Eric Gor... Manager of Marketing 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
216 EXSIF IL Nadine Her... Sales & Marketing Manager 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
217 EXSIF IL John Tot... Marketing Agent 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
218 Fanwood Chemical, Inc. NJ V.M. (Jim) DeL... Chief 03/01/2024 Attendee
219 FCI Technology NC Richard Bar... Vice President and General Manager 03/26/2024 Attendee
220 Federal Mfg, LLC WI Nick Bir... Regional Sales Manager 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
221 Federal Mfg, LLC WI Mark Kap... National Sales Manager 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
222 Filron Solutions LLC SC David Kin... Business Development 03/26/2024 Attendee
223 Filron Solutions LLC SC Brandon Wil... Business Development 03/26/2024 Attendee
224 Fisher Specialty Advising SC Grant Wea... Partner & Advisor 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
225 Fluid Energy Processing PA Rich Sti... Director of Business Development 03/05/2024 Attendee
226 GBS Corp OH Joe Bar... Account Executive 03/27/2024 Attendee
227 GBS Corp OH Matt Sch... Account Executive 02/21/2024 Attendee
228 Geo. Pfau's Sons Company, In IN Brian Mil... VP - Sales 03/26/2024 Attendee
229 GfM Milling & Micronization NJ Ante Ras... CEO 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
230 Global Ordinance TN Ed LeC... Consultant 02/27/2024 Attendee
231 GORE-TEX Professional MD Jim Ell... Business Development 11/15/2023 Exhibit Staff
232 Gowan Company AZ Nihal Beh... Formulations Manager 02/16/2024 Attendee
233 GOWAN COMPANY AZ CARLOS MIR... External Manufacturing Specialist 04/03/2024 Attendee
234 Gowan Milling AZ Lacey Are... Business Development Specialist 03/31/2024 Exhibit Staff
235 Gowan Milling AZ Richard Sua... Manufacturing Commercial Manager 03/31/2024 Exhibit Staff
236 Gowan USA, LLC AZ Ines Bur... Packaging Buyer - US Supply Chain 02/12/2024 Attendee
237 Gowan USA, LLC AZ Leigh Lou... Global Buyer, Inert Materials 02/12/2024 Attendee
238 Gravitas Chemical WA Brian Bun... Owner 10/20/2023 Attendee
239 Greif Inc. OH Tammy Dru... Account Manager-sales 02/20/2024 Exhibit Staff
240 Greif Packaging GA David Tay... Director of Sales NA Small Plastics 02/29/2024 Attendee
241 Greif, Inc. OH Misty Fos... Account Manager 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
242 Greif, Inc. Canada Jared Fri... Industrial Packaging Sales Manager 03/21/2024 Exhibit Staff
243 Greif, Inc. OH Tytus Kin... Account Manager 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
244 Greif, Inc. OH Jesse LeG... Director of Sales & Marketing, East Region 02/16/2024 Exhibit Staff
245 Greif, Inc. OH Jane Mat... ComEx Manager, NA 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
246 Greif/Delta TX Courtney Nea... Account Manager 03/19/2024 Attendee
247 GSG Resources, LLC SC Carmine Ses... AgraForm Consultant 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
248 Gulf Chemical Intl Corp. TX Dr. Nawal Sha... Vice President - Business Development 02/12/2024 Attendee
249 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. TX Matt Shi... Market Manager - Agriculture 03/28/2024 Attendee
250 Haviland Products Company MI Dan Bur... HPC Account Manager 03/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
251 Haviland Products Company MI Kyle Gum... Category Lead Packaging & Program
03/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
252 Haviland Products Company MI JIM KNA... Sr. Director of Business Development 03/18/2024 Exhibit Staff
253 Haviland Products Company MI MARK SIE... HPC Senior Technical Sales 03/18/2024 Exhibit Staff
254 HeiQ Chemtex NC David Bil... Technical Vice President 02/09/2024 Attendee
255 HeiQ ChemTex NC Keith Zim... Director of Textile R&D 04/03/2024 Attendee
256 Helena Industries, LLC TN Phil Ber... President & CEO 04/01/2024 Attendee
257 Helena Industries, LLC TN Scott Bra... Director Sales & Procurement 04/01/2024 Attendee
258 Helena Industries, LLC GA Jeff Owe... Toll Sales Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
259 Helena Industries, LLC IA Shawn Tor... Plant Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
260 Helena Industries, LLC TN David Wic... Sourcing Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
261 Heniff Logistics, LLC IL Brian Fon... President 01/10/2024 Attendee
262 Heniff Logistics, LLC IL Dave Law... Sales Manager 01/10/2024 Attendee
263 Heniff Transportation System GA Jeff Uhl National Account Manager - Intermodal 04/01/2024 Attendee
264 Honeywell Process Solutions NJ Zach May... Business Development Manager 01/26/2024 Attendee
265 Hoover CS TX Dave Hax... Key Account Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
266 Hoover CS TX Britney Sam... Senior Marketing Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
267 Hoover CS TX David Van... Director of Sales 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
268 Hoover Treated Wood Products GA Jeffrey Dav... Director of Licensees and Chemical 02/16/2024 Attendee
269 Houlihan Lokey NY Leland Har... Managing Director 03/26/2024 Attendee
270 Huntington Bank SC Toby Rau Managing Director - Metals, Chemicals,
02/09/2024 Attendee
271 Hydrite WI Matt Det... Corporate Accounts Manager 03/26/2024 Attendee
272 Hydrite Chemical Co. WI Daniel Woj... General Manager - Process 03/28/2024 Attendee
273 ICL Phosphate Specialties AL Brian Cru... Account Executive 02/22/2024 Attendee
274 IGC Partners Brazil John And... Partner 12/14/2023 Attendee
275 IGC Partners Brazil Rafael Bol... Partner 12/14/2023 Attendee
276 IGC Partners Brazil Flavia Sil... Partner 12/14/2023 Attendee
277 InCon Process Systems IL Hugh Pal... CEO 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
278 Independent Chemical Corp NY Marc Ull... Director of Sales and Procurement 02/08/2024 Attendee
279 Independent Chemical Corp. NY Jonathan Spi... President 02/08/2024 Attendee
280 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Milind Abh... Director 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
281 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Shruti Bor... Export Manager 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
282 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Renee Lus... Senior Sales and Business Development Manager 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
283 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Austin Sch... Sales/Business Development Manager 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
284 Indo Amines Americas LLC DE Prasad Tar... VP Sales & Marketing 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
285 IndSpyre Solutions GA Harrison Fin... General Manager 10/16/2023 Attendee
286 Innospec VA Jonathan Sel... Global Business Director 01/30/2024 Attendee
287 Integrity Biochem, LLC TX Dave Coo... Sr. Director of Agricultural Product
03/28/2024 Attendee
288 Intrepid Web Solutions MA Craig And... Owner 02/22/2024 Attendee
290 INVISTA GA Chris Tea... Contract Manufacturing Manager 03/26/2024 Attendee
291 Iofina Chemical KY Ken Sul... Sales and Marketing Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
292 IPAC-INC VA Piotr Grz... Chemist 02/12/2024 Attendee
293 IPACKCHEM USA, LLC KY Iqbal Dhi... VP Sales & Marketing North America 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
294 IPACKCHEM USA, LLC KY Iqbal Dhi... Chief Strategy & Business Development
10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
295 IPACKCHEM USA, LLC KY Nathan Edw... Director of IT & Brand Management 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
296 IPCO US LLC NJ Shannon Bar... Aftermarket Sales Engineer 01/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
297 ISK BIOSCIENCES TN Brandon Bro... Formulation Chemist 03/29/2024 Attendee
298 ISK Biosciences OH Anthony Col... Supply Chain Manager 02/09/2024 Attendee
299 ISK Biosciences TN Pete Tch... Vice President of Operations 03/11/2024 Attendee
300 ISK Biosciences Corporation TN Ashley Bro... Lab Manager 03/04/2024 Attendee
301 ISky North America OH Chad Joh... Chief Commercial Officer 03/21/2024 Attendee
302 Ivanhoe Industries IL Jesse Gro... Regional Sales Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
303 Ivanhoe Industries IL Keith Ham... National Sales Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
304 Ivanhoe Industries IL Jon Par... Eastern Regional Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
305 Ivanhoe Industries IL Paul Pee... Executive Vice President 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
306 Jaguar Transport MO Jeff Smi... VP Business Development 10/06/2023 Exhibit Staff
307 Jaguar Transport KY Sam Ter... VP Business Development 10/02/2023 Exhibit Staff
308 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC STEVE HOL... DIRECTOR OF SALES 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
309 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC Brad Ric... CHEMIST 02/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
310 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC Remy Sam... COO 02/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
311 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC Uta Sam... QUALITY/ISO REPRESENTATIVE 02/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
312 Jiangsu Green Chemtech China XIAOBO ZHA... Sales Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
313 John S. James Co. GA Paul Row... Business Development Executive 02/28/2024 Attendee
314 JohnPac, LLC LA Gunner Ake... VP of Sales 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
315 JohnPac, LLC LA Hans Pec... Global Technical Director 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
316 Jungbunzlauer, Inc. MA Stephen Bab... Regional Sales Manager 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
317 Jungbunzlauer, Inc. MA Ben Kin... Regional Sales Manager 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
318 Jungbunzlauer, Inc. MA Duncan Kis... Regional Sales Manager 03/25/2024 Exhibit Staff
319 Jungbunzlauer, Inc. MA Alex Mer... Marketing Project Manager 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
320 Jungbunzlauer, Inc. MA Josh War... Head of Inside Sales 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
321 KeenBolden LLC TX Jorge Tor... CEO 03/27/2024 Attendee
322 K-I Chemical U.S.A. Inc. NC Naoki Wat... Manager, Specialty Chemical Product 03/28/2024 Attendee
323 Kiewit Industrial Group Inc. KS Jeff Jen... Senior Business Development Director 02/27/2024 Attendee
324 Koch Agronomic Services KS Wayne Hac... Global Toll Manufacturing Manager 03/28/2024 Attendee
325 Kodak Specialty Chemicals NY Jordan And... Material Sourcing Strategist 03/12/2024 Attendee
326 KROFTA TECHNOLOGIES MA JIM GAL... Bus Dev Mgr 03/08/2024 Attendee
327 Krofta Technologies MA Haley Seg... Chemical Coordinator 02/13/2024 Attendee
328 LANXESS | Saltigo MI Steve Ade... Business Development Manager 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
329 LANXESS | Saltigo Germany Robert Blo... Head of Sourcing&Strategic Business Dev. 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
330 LANXESS | Saltigo Germany Christoph Sch... Head of Marketing & Sales 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
331 LANXESS | Saltigo PA Verena Ven... Head of Saltigo (North America) 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
332 LANXESS Corporation PA Tim Gag... Communications Managear 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
333 LAXAI SC James Sch... Director of Business Development 03/27/2024 Attendee
334 LCI Corporation NC Alva God... Process Engineer, Granulation 02/21/2024 Exhibit Staff
335 LCI Corporation NC Matthias Mon... Thermal Separations Sales Manager 09/28/2023 Exhibit Staff
336 LCI Corporation NC Lauren Pet... LCI Granulation Sales Manager 09/28/2023 Exhibit Staff
337 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Linda LaF... Owner 11/07/2023 Attendee
338 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Adele LaF... Spouse 11/07/2023 Attendee
339 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Kori LaF... Spouse 11/14/2023 Attendee
340 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Brian LaF... President 11/07/2023 Attendee
341 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Karl LaF... Vice President 11/07/2023 Attendee
342 Lehan Chemical Brokerage LLC VA Erik LaF... VP of Sales 11/07/2023 Attendee
343 Lincoln International CA James Dai... Director 03/11/2024 Attendee
344 Linde IL Roman Gro... Director, National Business Development 02/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
345 Linde IL Shingo Wat... Associate Director, Business Development 02/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
346 Magnum INTL, Inc IN Troy Cre... President 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
347 Magnum INTL, Inc IN Eric Hod... Sales 10/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
348 Mapei Corp FL Angela Tro... Category Manager for Finished Goods 02/16/2024 Attendee
349 Marquis XT IL Al Van... Vice President 04/03/2024 Attendee
350 Mastermelt America LLC PA Bert Lor... National Sales Mgr. 04/01/2024 Attendee
351 MBA Energy & Industrial LLC TX Reid Alt... Business Development 01/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
352 MBA Energy & Industrial LLC TX Cory Mar... Principal 01/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
353 Megaloid Laboratories Ltd. Canada James Ver... Sales & Procurement 04/03/2024 Attendee
354 Membrane Process & Controls WI Bill Wen... Director of ASME Products 10/10/2023 Exhibit Staff
355 MFG Chemical GA Grover Gor... Business Development Manager 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
356 MFG Chemical LLC GA Tyler Tho... Product Manager 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
357 MFG Chemical, LLC OH Todd Bra... Business Development Manager 04/01/2024 Attendee
358 MGK MN Lori Bro... Supply Chain and Botanicals Director 04/01/2024 Attendee
359 MGK MN Matt Rad... Manager, External Manufacturing 04/01/2024 Attendee
360 MGM Marketing, Inc. KS Cody Sei... Ingredient Merchandiser 12/29/2023 Attendee
361 Micro Chem Company GA Randy Con... President / Owner 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
362 Micro Chem Company GA Robert Hol... Vice President / Owner 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
363 Micro Chem Company GA Andrew Hol... Quality Control Manager 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
364 Microban Products Company NC Brian Owe... VP Global Supply Chain 03/28/2024 Attendee
365 Midas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NJ Tim Feu... President 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
366 Midas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. NJ Michael Wil... Director, Marketing and Sales 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
367 Milliken & Company SC Al Kis... Global Procurement Spealist 10/18/2023 Attendee
368 Milliken & Company SC Mike McD... Vice President Sourcing, Chemical Division 10/02/2023 Attendee
369 Milliken & Company WI Ryan Mic... Global Product Leader 01/17/2024 Attendee
370 Milliken & Company SC Matt Min... Sourcing Manager 11/27/2023 Attendee
371 Milliken Chemical SC Bubba Pat... Lead Account Manager 01/15/2024 Attendee
372 MIXCO Lotus Mixers Inc FL Robert Nai... VP Tech 10/05/2023 Exhibit Staff
373 MIXCO Lotus Mixers Inc FL Patricia Nai... Treasurer 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
374 Momar NC Jim Wil... Sales Rep 03/05/2024 Attendee
375 Monument Chemical TX Liam McM... Director, Custom Manufacturing 03/26/2024 Attendee
376 Mount Vernon Chemicals NC Michael Zav... President 10/24/2023 Attendee
377 MUFG Bank, Ltd. IL Alexander Don Vice President 02/07/2024 Attendee
378 MUFG Bank, Ltd. NY Arnold Sch... Managing Director 02/07/2024 Attendee
379 MUNZING NJ Stephanie Col... Sales Manager 04/03/2024 Exhibit Staff
380 MUNZING NJ Dan Dim... Key Account Manager 02/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
381 MUNZING NJ Tina Ley... Technology Coordinator 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
382 MUNZING NJ Christopher Mul... Product Manager 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
383 MUNZING NJ Greg Ora... Industry Specialist 02/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
384 MUNZING NJ Russell Wes... Sales Director 04/03/2024 Exhibit Staff
385 MXD Process IN Tim Gun... Business Development Manager 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
386 MXD Process IN James Lyn... Application Engineer 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
387 Myers Ind | Elkhart Plastics IN Cullen Jon... Senior Sales Director 10/11/2023 Exhibit Staff
388 Myers Ind | Elkhart Plastics IN Dwayne Lon... Account Manager, IBC Division 10/11/2023 Exhibit Staff
389 Myers Ind | Elkhart Plastics IN Dale Ohl... Account Executive, IBC Division 10/11/2023 Exhibit Staff
390 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jeff Bar... CEO 02/04/2024 Attendee
391 Nachurs Alpine Solutions OH Jarrod Kin... Director of Technical Services 04/04/2024 Attendee
392 Nation Ford Chemical SC Brooke DiD... CTO 08/29/2023 Exhibit Staff
393 Nation Ford Chemical Company SC Glenn Ber... Plant Manager 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
394 Nauset Mountain, LLC NC Jeff Edw... Principal 11/02/2023 Attendee
395 NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Fred Mis... Outside Sales Representatives 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
396 NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Steven Ric... Sales Engineer 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
397 NETZSCH Premier Technologies PA Pat Sal... Sales Director 03/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
398 New Life Chemical SC Travis Nor... Technical Sales Representative 03/25/2024 Exhibit Staff
399 Noah Chemicals TX JC Mil... Sr. Solutions Consultant 04/05/2024 Attendee
400 North Coast Container OH Dave Lor... VP Sales & Marketing 03/06/2024 Attendee
401 North Coast Container OH Greg Ram... VP of Sales - East 02/27/2024 Attendee
402 North Coast Container IL Holly Sun... Director of Business Development 02/27/2024 Attendee
403 Octochem Inc. IL John Caf... Business Development Mgr. 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
404 OctoChem, Inc. IL Kolton Etc... Internal Account Coordinator 03/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
405 OctoChem, Inc. IL Mark Lan... CEO 02/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
406 Ohio Chemistry Tech Council OH Jenn Kle... President 01/25/2024 Attendee
407 Oil-Dri Corp of America KY Brett Wei... Sales Representative 02/16/2024 Attendee
408 Optima Chemical Group GA Doug Coc... VP/GM, Business Development 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
409 Optima Chemical Group GA Keith Woo... Manager, Supply Chain 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
410 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Katie Her... Mgr, Operational Excellence 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
411 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Ed Lef... Director, Business Development 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
412 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Gene Wil... President 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
413 ORG CHEM Group IN Richard Bee... Business Unit Manager Heat Transfer Fluids 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
414 ORG CHEM Group IN eric loo... VP Operations and Engineering 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
415 ORG CHEM Group IN Jon Zac... R&D Manager 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
416 Paul Mueller Company MO Ryan Haa... Regional Sales Manager 03/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
417 Pennakem TN James Kas... VP of Sales and Marketing 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
418 Pennakem TN Allyne Mon... Sales Director 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
419 Perry Videx NJ Pete D'A... Sales 09/08/2023 Exhibit Staff
420 Perry Videx NJ Mike Ric... Sales 09/08/2023 Exhibit Staff
421 PFP Commercial Consulting SC Jim Sta... Managing Director 03/01/2024 Attendee
422 PHT International, Inc. NC Sandra Cer... Mexico Sales Representative 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
423 PHT International, Inc. NC Ansley Coc... Senior Account Manager 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
424 PHT International, Inc. NC Jay Sha... Operations Consultant 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
425 PHT International, Inc. NC Olivia Vep... Sales Assistant 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
426 PHT International, Inc. NC Mark Wit... Business Unit Head 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
427 PHT International, Inc. NC Lihong Yu Chairwoman 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
428 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Ben Esp... President 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
429 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Phil Mad... Technical Director 03/27/2024 Exhibit Staff
430 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC STEPHANIE MAT... Director of Business Operations 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
431 Piedmont Chemical Industries NC Rede Wil... Sales Manager 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
432 Pilot Chemical Company OH Marc Fle... Procurement Specialist – Raw Materials &
Data Anal
03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
433 Pilot Chemical Company OH Glynn Goe... VP - Corporate Development 03/12/2024 Attendee
434 Pilot Chemical Company OH Bert Gut... Commercial Development Manager 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
435 Pilot Chemical Company OH Rob Har... MW&L and O&G Sales Manager 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
436 Pilot Chemical Company OH Hugh Hen... Sr. Account Manager 03/08/2024 Exhibit Staff
437 Pilot Chemical Company OH Greg Ros... Manager – Corporate Engineering 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
438 Platte River Equity CO Kris Wha... Managing Director 10/12/2023 Attendee
439 Pragna Group North America India ANIL PAT... BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT HEAD,NORTH AMERICA 04/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
440 Pragna Pharma Pvt. Ltd. India JIGNESH PAT... DIRECTOR 09/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
441 Pressure Chemical Co. PA Adam Den... Technical Sales Representative 03/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
442 Pressure Chemical Co. PA Dan Pal... Technical Sales Manager 03/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
443 Pressure Chemical Co. PA Emily Thu... Director of Sales 03/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
444 Prochimie International, Inc CT Kristin Ell... Business Development Manager 03/28/2024 Attendee
445 Prochimie International, Inc CT Anna Mal... President 03/28/2024 Attendee
446 Proconex PA John Gil... Digital BDM 04/01/2024 Attendee
447 Proviron PA Ief Pro... Tolling Business Manager 04/03/2024 Exhibit Staff
448 Proviron WV Janet Seb... Commercial Manager 04/03/2024 Exhibit Staff
449 Pulcra Chemicals SC James Can... Inside Sales 02/02/2024 Attendee
450 Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC Makenzie Ken... Purchasing Specialist 02/06/2024 Attendee
451 PurposeBuilt Brands IL Tom Zil... Sourcing 03/26/2024 Attendee
452 PVS Nolwood Chemicals NY Rick Fra... General Manager - Buffalo 03/27/2024 Attendee
453 Qi-Chem Co., Ltd. MA Cassidy Gai Marketing Director 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
454 Qi-Chem Co., Ltd. MA Dianbao Jia... President 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
455 Qi-Chem Co., Ltd. MA Young Jin Lee Senior Consultant 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
456 QML RI Rob Car... Business Development Manager 02/12/2024 Attendee
457 QML Inc. MA Brenden Smi... Business Development 02/19/2024 Attendee
458 Rail Safe Training IA Russell Yor... Director of Program Development 02/05/2024 Attendee
459 Rainbow Ecoscience MN David And... Director, Product Development 01/23/2024 Attendee
460 Rainbow Treecare MN Daniel Maj... Products Manager 03/05/2024 Attendee
461 Redox Inc CA NICK OSM... CEO / GENERAL MANAGER 12/21/2023 Exhibit Staff
462 REDOX INC CA JEREMY RAN... SALES MANAGER 12/21/2023 Exhibit Staff
463 Redox Inc TX DANIEL ROD... SENIOR BUSINESS MANAGER 12/21/2023 Exhibit Staff
464 Republic Services TX Chelsea Bur... Territory Executive 03/28/2024 Attendee
465 Republic Services TX Jennifer Cha... Territory Executive - Tank Leasing 03/28/2024 Attendee
466 Republic Services TX Josh DeM... Sales Manager 03/28/2024 Attendee
467 Republic Services LA David Dru... Territory Executive - Louisiana 03/29/2024 Attendee
468 Republic Services IL Chase McL... Territory Executive 04/02/2024 Attendee
469 Republic Services NC Stephanie O'S... Waste Solutions Executive 03/28/2024 Attendee
470 REVVITY SIGNALS SOFTWARE MA Richard FIS... Sr. Digital Marketing Manager 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
471 REVVITY SIGNALS SOFTWARE MA Nicole GRI... Senior Software Specialist 04/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
472 REVVITY SIGNALS SOFTWARE MA Jun LIU Senior Marketing Manager 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
473 RMPDS CO Mario Vig... RMPDS Health Manager 02/13/2024 Attendee
474 Sabin Metal Corporation NY Dan Fis... Sales Manager 01/19/2024 Attendee
475 Safe Foods Chemical AR Robby Cal... Purchasing Manager 02/22/2024 Attendee
476 Safe Foods Chemical AR Melynda Pau... Sr Buyer 02/22/2024 Attendee
477 Sasol Chemicals WA Lidia Smo... NA Distribution Manager 03/22/2024 Attendee
478 SBM Life Science NC Britt Bak... Head of R&D - NA 03/27/2024 Attendee
479 SBM Life Science TX Jordan Jam... Quality Assurance Manager 03/27/2024 Attendee
480 SBM Life Science NC Ronald Lut... Tolling Director 02/26/2024 Attendee
481 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Chad Ker... President & CEO 08/31/2023 Exhibit Staff
482 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Rebecca Rod... Chief Operations Officer 08/31/2023 Exhibit Staff
483 Schuetz Container Systems, I NJ Brian Cla... Regional Sales Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
484 Schuetz Container Systems, I NJ Dan Den... Regional Sales Mgr. 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
485 Schuetz Container Systems, I NJ John Mil... Regional Sales Mgr. 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
486 SCT GA Frank Wag... VP Business Development 10/12/2023 Attendee
487 Seatex LLC TX Eric Eby Strategic Account Manager 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
488 Seatex LLC TX John Fri... Senior Sales Director 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
489 Seatex LLC TX Jonathan O’D... President & CEO 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
490 Seatex LLC TX Clay Pac... President – Commercial and Technology 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
491 Seatex LLC TX Amanda Sut... Director - Business Development 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
492 Shrieve Chemical Products, I TX VERONICA MCF... PURCHASING MANAGER 02/21/2024 Attendee
493 Siebtechnik Tema, Inc. OH Chad Men... Sales Manager 10/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
494 Siebtechnik-Tema OH Jeff Sul... Sales Engineer 10/30/2023 Exhibit Staff
495 Sinova Specialties Inc. FL Johannes Hec... Business Development 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
496 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Chris Cod... Dir. of Innovation, Production & Quality
02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
497 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Bryan Gru... Plant Manager 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
498 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Brett Hei... Manager of Tolling & Productivity 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
499 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Brent Mar... CEO/COO 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
500 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Don War... Director of Operations 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
501 Sipcam Agro Solutions LLC NC Jaime You... Customer Service Manage 02/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
502 SNF Holding Company GA Mindy Gri... Sr. Buyer 01/30/2024 Attendee
503 SNF Holding Company GA Mallory Mon... Sr. Procurement Manager 01/30/2024 Attendee
504 SNF Holding Company GA Steven Sch... Director of Procurement 01/30/2024 Attendee
505 SOCMA VA Joe Det... VP, Manufacturing & Commercial Programs 03/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
506 SOCMA VA Jenny Gai... VP, Membership 03/04/2024 Exhibit Staff
507 SOCMA VA Amber Thi... Sr. Director, Industry Relations 01/11/2024 Exhibit Staff
508 Solvay NJ Dominick Can... Market Development Manager 03/27/2024 Attendee
509 Solvay NJ Ercan Uen... Business Manager Fluorinated Intermediates 03/27/2024 Attendee
510 Sound Agriculture CA John Ril... VP Manufacturing and Supply 03/26/2024 Attendee
511 South Carolina Chemical SC Frank Fis... President 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
512 South Carolina Chemical SC Taylor Tit... Business Manager 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
513 South Carolina Chemical, LLC SC Maria Bat... Sr. Sales Manager 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
514 South Carolina Chemical, LLC SC Brittany Fis... Marketing Specialist 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
515 South Carolina Chemical, LLC SC Colleen Hor... Marketing Director 03/13/2024 Exhibit Staff
516 Southern Chemical & Textile GA Jack Dra... Vice President of Sales 02/16/2024 Attendee
517 Specialty & Agro Chemicals America PA Tom Lea... Owner 01/10/2024 Attendee
518 Stainless Fabrication, Inc. MO Darin Wal... Regional Sales Manager 03/27/2024 Attendee
519 Stepan Company IL Brian Fra... Global Sales Director Agricultural Solutions 01/26/2024 Attendee
520 Stepan Company FL Frank Sta... Senior Sales Executive 04/02/2024 Attendee
521 Steri Technologies NY Garrett Bur... Director – Sales & Business Development 01/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
522 SUNTTON / DYNAMIC NA INC CT Luke Ver... Business Director 03/28/2024 Exhibit Staff
523 Syensqo NJ Aziz Bou... Toll Manufacturing Manager 03/29/2024 Attendee
524 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Tex Bau... Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
525 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Andrew Joh... Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
526 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Steven Jos... Tolling Production Manager 03/25/2024 Attendee
527 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Amanda Pop... Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
528 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Laramie Sca... Tolling Production Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
529 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Felisha Ves... North America Tolling Manager 02/21/2024 Attendee
530 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Adam Voi... Tolling Team Lead 02/21/2024 Attendee
531 Synonym Inc. NY Kelsey Wei... Strategy & Partnerships 03/20/2024 Attendee
532 Synquest Labs FL Paul Maz... President/CEO 03/28/2024 Attendee
533 Synsus TX Greg Cra... CEO 03/26/2024 Attendee
534 Syntha Group NC Cres Cal... Chief Strategy Officer 03/26/2024 Attendee
535 T2 Chem Cosmetics TX dung Tu manager 03/28/2024 Attendee
536 T2 Chem Cosmetics TX Tommy Tu CEO 03/31/2024 Attendee
537 T2 Chem Cosmetics TX Hung Tu Chemist 03/31/2024 Attendee
538 TechTevo Chemical LLC GA Azhar Awa... Technology Manager 02/07/2024 Attendee
539 TensTech Inc NC Thomas The... Technical Director 04/02/2024 Attendee
540 Thatcher Company UT Curt New... Industry Manager - Agriculture 03/08/2024 Attendee
541 The Elm Press, Inc. CT Vic Los... President 03/03/2024 Exhibit Staff
542 The Whitaker Company SC Rick Ste... Sales 01/24/2024 Attendee
543 Third Coast TX HL Bar... Engineering and Reaction Director 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
544 Third Coast TX Grif Car... VP Asset Commercialization 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
545 Third Coast TX Matt Hoe... Sales Manager, TCC 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
546 Third Coast TX Vanessa Moo... Sales Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
547 Third Coast Bank TX Bill Bob... Chief Banking Officer 04/03/2024 Attendee
548 Third Coast Bank TX Nathan For... Director, Business Development, Corporate
04/03/2024 Attendee
549 Third Coast Bank TX Trey Rom... Executive Vice President 03/26/2024 Attendee
550 Third Coast Bank TX Trey Rom... EVP, Corporate Banking 04/03/2024 Attendee
551 TRCC GA Gary Col... North American Grease and Lubricant Manager 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
552 TRCC NC Greg Mec... Regional Sales Manager 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
553 TRCC GA Mark Sel... VP Specialty and Custom Chemicals 03/05/2024 Exhibit Staff
554 TRCC Custom & Specialty Chem GA Jim Hun... Global Sales Director 03/26/2024 Exhibit Staff
555 Trecora TX David Alt... Business Manager - Specialty Products 01/10/2024 Attendee
556 Tricor Metals OH Jim Lei... Market Manager 11/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
557 Tricor Metals OH Keith Qui... Market Manager 11/27/2023 Exhibit Staff
558 Trumont International NY Komail Tha... Managing Director 03/01/2024 Attendee
559 Twin Rivers Technologies MA Michaela Gia... Account Manager 11/09/2023 Attendee
560 Twin Rivers Technologies MA Michaela Gia... Account Manager 03/29/2024 Attendee
561 Twin Rivers Technologies MA Carl Ode... Director of Sales 10/11/2023 Attendee
562 United Titanium OH David LaB... Industrial Sales 03/21/2024 Attendee
563 Univar Solutions GA Zackery Bur... Account Manager - Southern Georgia 02/20/2024 Attendee
564 Univar Solutions TN Sherry Pil... Sr. Sales Account Manager 02/23/2024 Attendee
565 Univar Solutions-MagnaBlend TN Christian Jeu... U.S. Business Development Manager Agriculture 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
567 VALENTINE CHEMICALS, LLC LA William Str... President 09/05/2023 Attendee
568 Valudor Products, LLC TN Scott Dun... Senior Account Manager 03/19/2024 Exhibit Staff
569 Valudor Products, LLC CA Rosco Saz... Product Manager, Industrial Chemicals 11/22/2023 Exhibit Staff
570 Valudor Products, LLC CA Angie Sch... VP Commercial 11/22/2023 Exhibit Staff
571 Valudor Products, LLC CA Michelle Tun... VP, Supply Chain & Operations 03/19/2024 Attendee
572 VAN HORN METZ PA RANDY BUM... Regional Sales Manager 11/30/2023 Attendee
573 Van Horn Metz & Co., Inc. PA BARRETT FIS... President 11/30/2023 Attendee
574 VanDeMark Chemical FL Christopher Klu... Director, New Product & Business
02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
575 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Maria Hal... Chief Commercial Officer 12/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
576 VanDeMark Chemical Inc. NY Boudewijn Van... Chief Executive Officer 12/12/2023 Exhibit Staff
577 VeoliaES Technical Solutions OH James Red... Product Line Manager 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
578 Verdesian Life Sciences KS Bob Bun... VP Procurement 02/23/2024 Attendee
579 Vitusa Products, Inc. NC Joe DeS... Sales & Product Manager 04/06/2024 Attendee
580 Vivify GA Mike Yoc... Business Development 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
581 VLS Environmental Solutions TX Logan Fra... Account Manager 01/30/2024 Attendee
582 VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Martin Bei... President & CEO 04/02/2024 Attendee
583 VRC Technologies, Inc. TX William Dan... Procurement Manager 04/02/2024 Attendee
584 VRC Technologies, Inc. TX Robert Gre... Agriculture 04/02/2024 Attendee
585 WAB US Corp NJ Daniel Grs... President 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
586 WAB-US CORP NJ Gab Agu... Area Sales Manager 02/29/2024 Exhibit Staff
587 Wacker Chemical Corp MI Michael God... Senior Business Director 12/20/2023 Attendee
588 Wacker Chemical Corp MI Drake Nei... Chemist 12/20/2023 Attendee
589 Wacker Chemical Corp MI Raj Pra... Marketing Manager 12/20/2023 Attendee
590 Webb Chemical MI JOHN HIL... Sales Manager 01/26/2024 Attendee
591 Webb Chemical Service Corp MI Kari Mac... Account Manager 10/12/2023 Attendee
592 Wego Chemical Group NY Collin Bre... North America Sales Manager - Industrial 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
593 Wego Chemical Group NY Roger Wea... Sales 03/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
594 WeylChem US SC Todd Cha... Sales & New Business Development Director 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
595 WeylChem US SC Kevin Dro... VP of Commercial and Technology 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
596 WeylChem US SC Mike Jun... New Business Development Director 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
597 WeylChem US SC Andreas Mai... CEO & President Weylchem Group of
02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
598 WeylChem US SC Mark Mat... Chief Executive Officer, Weylchem US 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
599 WeylChem US SC Will McC... Buyer 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
600 Weylchem US SC Lori McM... Inside Sales Account Manager 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
601 WeylChem US SC Cameron You... Sales and New Business Development Director 02/12/2024 Exhibit Staff
602 Wilbur Ellis FL Mike Cha... Strategic Sourcing - Ag 03/20/2024 Attendee
603 Wilbur Ellis CA Vincent Yov... Director of Enterprise Formulations 03/25/2024 Attendee
604 Wilbur- Ellis CA John Mar... Manager Strategic Sourcing 03/28/2024 Attendee
605 Wilbur-Ellis CA Isaac Fra... Enterprise Supply Chain 04/03/2024 Attendee
606 WILBUR-ELLIS CA Tyrin Qui... Manager, Strategic Sourcing 03/20/2024 Attendee
607 Wilson Chemical Solutions IN Robert War... EHS Manager 02/06/2024 Exhibit Staff
608 WV Dept. of Econ Development WV Matt Bal... CEO & Executive Director, WV Regional Tech
04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
609 WV Dept. of Econ Development WV Kevin DiG... Executive Director, Chemical Alliance Zone 04/02/2024 Exhibit Staff
610 WV Dept. of Econ Development WV Michael Gar... Manager, Business and Industrial Development 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
611 WV Dept. of Econ Development WV Samantha Smi... Manager, Business and Industrial Development 04/01/2024 Exhibit Staff
612 Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Daniella Gal... Sales Manager- Industrial Specialties 10/11/2023 Attendee
613 Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Tony Mar... Head of Business Unit Industrial Specialties 10/11/2023 Attendee
614 Zschimmer & Schwarz GA Stephen McK... Sales Manager- Industrial Specialties 10/11/2023 Attendee

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