2023 Attendee & Exhibit Staff List

Attendee List

Savannah 2023 Attendee & Exhibit Staff

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PRELIMINARY as of March 26, 2023

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  Company State First Name Last Name Job Title Registration Date Badge
1 3V Tech USA NC Tom Bakko Technical Sales Manager 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
2 3V Tech USA, Inc. SC Louis Cintron Sales Manager 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
3 Aaron Equipment Company IL Anthony Tufano Sr. Sales Manager 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
4 Action Resources AL Jeff French Vice President of Sales 02/16/23 Attendee
5 Action Resources FL Danny Martin Regional Sales Manager 02/16/23 Attendee
6 Adesis DE Nick Baratta Regional Sales Manager 01/13/23 Exhibit Staff
7 Adesis DE Harisa D'zano Regional Sales Manager 01/13/23 Exhibit Staff
8 Adjuvants Unlimited, LLC GA Michael Pompeo Director, Commercial Development 02/10/23 Attendee
9 Admix NH Liam Finlay Chemical Sales Support Engineer 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
10 Admix, Inc. NH Tom Ingersoll Regional Sales Manager - Chemical Market - National Sales 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
11 Admix, Inc. NH Shawn McManus Regional Sales Manager - Chemical Market - National Sales 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
12 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Christopher Monday Chemist / Production Manager 02/17/23 Attendee
13 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI John Russo Vice President of Sales & Marketing 02/17/23 Attendee
14 Advanced Chemical Concepts, Inc. MI Craig Tungate President 02/17/23 Attendee
15 Aether Industries Limited India Aman Desai Director 09/23/22 Exhibit Staff
16 Aether Industries Limited AZ Michelle Pogosaew Business Development Manager (Americas) 09/13/22 Exhibit Staff
17 Aether Industries Limited IN James Ringer Business Development Lead (Americas) 09/23/22 Exhibit Staff
18 Aether Industries Limited MI Raymond Roach Business Development Lead (Americas) 09/13/22 Exhibit Staff
19 Agrochemicals Consulting SC Paul Flynn Agrochemicals Specialist 02/28/23 Attendee
20 Air Sea USA OH Barry Johnston Managing Director 11/23/22 Exhibit Staff
21 Air Sea USA OH Chad Zufra National Compliance Director 11/23/22 Exhibit Staff
22 Albaugh IA Travis Hester Tolling & Purchasing Manager 02/09/23 Attendee
23 AllChem Industries TN Jim Wakim Southeast Sales Manager 11/17/22 Attendee
24 Allchem Services Inc. TX John Williams President 01/13/23 Attendee
25 Alligare AL Bryan Blodget Operations Director 02/15/23 Attendee
26 Alligare AL Trey Kendrick President 02/15/23 Attendee
27 Almamet GmbH Germany Josef Linden Director International Sales 01/25/23 Attendee
28 American Chemical Solutions MI Terry Chomniak Director of Business Development 09/27/22 Exhibit Staff
29 American Chemical Solutions MI Jeff Diercks Business Development Manager 09/27/22 Exhibit Staff
30 American Chemical Solutions MI Todd Zahn CEO 09/27/22 Exhibit Staff
31 American Custom Drying NJ Adam Cabot CEO 01/25/23 Exhibit Staff
32 American Custom Drying NJ Bob Slade VP of ACD 01/25/23 Exhibit Staff
33 American Distillation Inc. NC Barry White Site Coordinator 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
34 American Distillation, Inc. NC Donald Outlaw Plant Operations Manager 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
35 American Distillation, Inc. NC Bob Schory Chemist 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
36 American Industrial Partners NY Alex Schukin Partner 01/09/23 Attendee
37 Amindon Inc. NY Miles Hutchings CEO 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
38 Amindon Inc. NY Ravi Ravichandran President and Chief Scientist 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
39 Aquaserv TN Matt Maretti Director of Tolling 11/17/22 Attendee
40 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) IL Jessica McAfee Account Manager Industrial Oils 12/12/22 Exhibit Staff
41 Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) IL Eric Veech Senior Account Manager 12/12/22 Exhibit Staff
42 Austin Chemical IL Samantha Wigley Senior Sales and Business Development Associate 03/27/23 Exhibit Staff
43 Austin Chemical Company IL Iver Berry CEO and President 03/27/23 Exhibit Staff
44 Authentix Inc. TX David Griffin Sr Director Procurement & Logistics 12/02/22 Attendee
45 Authentix, Inc. TX Bethany Azad VP, Global Supply Chain 12/06/22 Attendee
46 Authentix, Inc. TX Ryan Reneau Planning Manager 12/12/22 Attendee
47 AVN Corporation WV Jack Dever Chief Technology Officer 01/09/23 Exhibit Staff
48 AVN Corporation WV Steve Hedrick Chairman & CEO 01/09/23 Exhibit Staff
49 AVN Corporation WV Rob Nunley Director of Manufacturing 01/09/23 Exhibit Staff
50 AVN Corporation WV Jeremy Rader Pilot Plant Manager 01/09/23 Exhibit Staff
51 Azelis Canada Canada Scott Coleman Sales Manager 03/08/23 Attendee
52 Azelis Canada Canada Kurt Pitblado Account Manager 03/08/23 Attendee
53 B&P Littleford MI Alan Malott Global Product Manager 01/16/23 Exhibit Staff
54 B&S Group BV Netherlands Andre Sijrier VP 09/23/22 Attendee
55 BAAR Technologies LLC FL Gilmar Negri CEO 12/05/22 Attendee
56 Balmoral Advisors LLC IL Omar Diaz Managing Director 03/17/23 Attendee
57 Balmoral Advisors, LLC IL Chris Cerimele Managing Partner 03/18/23 Attendee
58 Bartlo Packaging NJ Allen Bartlo President 10/31/22 Exhibit Staff
59 Bartlo Packaging NJ Antonio Hernandez Vice President 10/31/22 Exhibit Staff
60 Bartlo Packaging Inc. NJ Larry Byrd Business Development Mgr. 10/31/22 Exhibit Staff
61 BASF Corporation IL Jeffery Bates Account Manager 12/14/22 Attendee
62 BASF Corporation MI Benjamin Klepser Global Key Account Manager 02/14/23 Attendee
63 BASF Corporation NC Jeremie Miller Global Contract Manufacturing & Sourcing 02/10/23 Attendee
64 BASF Corporation NJ Quyen Nguyen Account Manager 12/14/22 Attendee
65 BASF Corporation NC ERICH OAKS Global Sourcing Manager 11/17/22 Attendee
66 BASF Corporation NC Laurence Rys Global Sourcing and Contracting 03/10/23 Attendee
67 BASF SE Germany Ingo Sagasser Head of Global Contract Manufacturing & Sourcing, Agricultural Solutions 11/23/22 Attendee
68 Bayer Crop Science MO Aaron Rogers External Mfg Rep 12/14/22 Attendee
69 BCS GA Melissa McWilliams Marketing Manager 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
70 BdV Behrens US, LLC TX Erik Homan Business manager 02/08/23 Attendee
71 Berndorf Band Group IL Andy Colon Sales Executive 11/29/22 Exhibit Staff
72 Berndorf Band Group IL Stan Djuric Sales Executive 11/29/22 Exhibit Staff
73 Biddle Sawyer Corp. NY Jon Hupert Vice President 09/15/22 Exhibit Staff
74 BioConsortia, Inc. CA Marcus Meadows-Smith CEO 03/20/23 Attendee
77 Borregaard USA TX Peter Orizondo Business Development Manager 03/21/23 Attendee
78 Brandywine Label Printing PA Tim Galvin Labeling Specialist 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
79 Brandywine Label Printing PA Nathan Stellman Southwest Regional Manager 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
80 Brawn Mixer MI Angela Bryant Regional Sales Manager 02/28/23 Exhibit Staff
81 Brawn Mixer MI Steve Canaley Director, Sales & Application Engineering 02/28/23 Exhibit Staff
82 Brenntag North America PA Carl Easterling Vice President 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
83 Brenntag North America PA Jeff Hattis Great Lakes Director AG 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
84 Brenntag North America PA Chad Johansen North America Director AG 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
85 Brenntag North America PA Samuel Murphy Value Added Services Specialist 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
86 Brenntag North America PA George Phillips Sales Manager VAS 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
87 Brenntag North America PA Chris Richards Industry Specialist - VAS 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
88 Brenntag North America PA Adam Switzer Mid-South Director AG 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
89 Brown Chemical Co., Inc. NJ Douglas Brown CEO 02/08/23 Attendee
90 Buckeye Fabricating Company OH AJ Furrow Technical Sales Engineer 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
91 Buckeye Fabricating Company OH Zack Shindledecker, P.E. Design Engineer 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
92 Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Harry Colley VP - Sales 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
93 Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Luke Damian Product Manager 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
94 Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Jonathan Denis VP - Operations 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
95 Bulk Chemical Services (BCS) GA Abigail Gibbons Marketing Analyst 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
96 CABB Jayhawk KS Linda Arntzen Head of Business Development USA 02/10/23 Attendee
97 CABB Jayhawk Fine Chemicals Corporation KS Jeff Cassidy Business Director, CM 01/27/23 Attendee
98 Calpine Energy Solutions TX Rebecca Hale Sales Representative 11/21/22 Attendee
99 Carpenter Company VA Thomas Curtis Business Manager 10/11/22 Exhibit Staff
100 Carpenter Company NC Fred Holtz Sr. Account Manager 10/11/22 Exhibit Staff
101 CCL Label TN Jim Balentine Technical Sales Manager 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
102 CCL Label TN David Buck National Account Manager 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
103 Century Global LLC PA Ben Jones President 02/04/23 Exhibit Staff
104 CG Thermal OH Joan Bova Vice President, Sales and Engineering 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
105 CG Thermal OH Brady Cabe Marketing Coordinator 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
106 ChemDesign WI Rae Johnson Sr. VP Sales & Marketing 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
107 ChemDesign WI Bryon Leggett VP Business Development 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
108 ChemDesign WI David Mielke President and CEO 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
109 ChemDesign WI Joel Salzman VP of Operations 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
110 Chemformation TX Joe Broome President 09/20/22 Exhibit Staff
111 Chemformation TX Paul Broome VP 09/20/22 Exhibit Staff
112 Chemformation TX Holly Myers VP 09/20/22 Exhibit Staff
113 Chemicals America TX Sherri Sims Sr. Manager 02/21/23 Attendee
114 Chemicals America, Inc. PA Tom Leahy President 12/15/22 Attendee
115 ChemOrganics TX Sachin Tipnis Vice President 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
116 Chempak International, Inc. TX Greg Lyons Owner 01/23/23 Attendee
117 Chemsafe Srl Italy Antonio Conto Managing Director 03/27/23 Attendee
118 Chemsafe Srl Italy Francesca Fasano Operation Director 03/27/23 Attendee
119 Chemsafe Srl Italy Paolo Rossi Sales Director 03/27/23 Attendee
120 ChemStation International OH Heather Brendel Production Manager 01/09/23 Attendee
121 ChemStation International OH Bruce Phillippi Director of Research & Mfg 01/09/23 Attendee
122 Chevron Phillips Chemical TX Carlos Cruz Commercial Licensing Manager 01/13/23 Attendee
123 Chromatech Inc. MI Lezlie Luceus V.P. of Marketing and Innovation 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
124 Chromatech Inc. MI John Monitz Technical Sales Representative 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
125 CJB Applied Technologies GA Amanda Lupo Project Specialist 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
126 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Clinton Beeland President & CEO 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
127 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Jeana Beeland CHRO 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
128 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Krystal Cadle Quality Systems Manager 03/23/23 Exhibit Staff
129 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Robby Moorefield V.P. of Operations 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
130 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Garrett Rowe Plant Manager 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
131 CJB Industries, Inc. GA Sims Turner Sales Manager 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
132 Coastline Chemical VA Jonathan Sharpley Plant Manager 12/20/22 Attendee
133 COLONIAL CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS GA Ray Corbett Operations 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
134 COLONIAL CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS GA Tom McTier Sales Representative 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
135 COLONIAL CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS GA Rob Roberts President 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
136 COLONIAL CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS GA Stratton Rojas Customer Service 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
137 COLONIAL CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS GA Thad White Director of Procurement 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
138 Colonial Chemical Solutions, Inc. SC Dan Zbytovsky Sales Manager 03/18/23 Attendee
139 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Jorge Hinojosa Project Manager 09/29/22 Exhibit Staff
140 Complex Quimica S.A. de C.V. Mexico Marco Martinez Project Leader 09/29/22 Exhibit Staff
141 Concept AgriTek MO Donald Hamby Operations Manager 02/08/23 Attendee
142 Connect Chemicals USA GA Richard Gardner President 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
143 Connect Chemicals USA GA Kathy Waters Inside Sales Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
144 Connect Chemicals USA, LLC GA Christian Beierlein Head of Research & Process Development 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
145 Connect Chemicals USA, LLC GA Lee Polk Business Development Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
146 Container Mfg., Inc. GA Rob Jennings Jr. Vice President 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
147 Container Mfg., Inc. NJ Robert Jennings Sr. Vice President Sales & Marketing 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
148 Corteva Agriscience CO Cesar Anzola Director, Crop Protection Sourcing 03/06/23 Attendee
149 Corteva Agriscience IN Bradley Frazier Sourcing Leader 03/03/23 Attendee
150 Corteva Agriscience IN Katie Haggarty North America Raw Material Procurement Leader 03/03/23 Attendee
151 Corteva Agriscience IN Alyson McDowell Global Sourcing Leader 03/02/23 Attendee
152 CPJ Technologies, Inc. SC BRAD RICHEY R&D CHEMIST 11/29/22 Exhibit Staff
153 CPJ Technologies, Inc. SC UTA SAMUEL QUALITY REP 11/29/22 Exhibit Staff
154 Cremer North America OH Bradley Drury VP Sales & Marketing 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
155 Cremer North America OH Justin Frost Account Manager 02/13/23 Exhibit Staff
156 Cremer North America OH Marcus Hattar Business Manager 02/14/23 Exhibit Staff
157 Cremer North America OH Joe Rabal Manager, Methyl Esters & Key Accounts 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
158 Cremer North America OH Norma Tompkins Sales Talent Dev & LATAM Oleo Business Mngr 02/13/23 Exhibit Staff
159 Cremer Volunteer Pastilles TN Tyler Cheek Planning and Technical Manager 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
160 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Bobby Hyatt Business Development Manager 11/22/22 Exhibit Staff
161 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Daryl Radley Vice President of Sales and Marketing 11/22/22 Exhibit Staff
162 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Margaret Roff President 11/22/22 Exhibit Staff
163 Custom Chemical Services, LLC TX Kenneth Weems General Manager 11/22/22 Exhibit Staff
164 DAXX, LLC TX Michael Nassar North American Sales 03/14/23 Attendee
165 Day & Zimmermann SC Nicole Core VP, Business Development 01/03/23 Exhibit Staff
166 Day & Zimmermann SC Matthew Crowell Inside Sales Manager 01/03/23 Exhibit Staff
167 Day & Zimmermann SC Emily Michaels Director, Business Development 01/03/23 Exhibit Staff
168 Deccan Fine Chemicals (India ) Pvt. Ltd. India Vivek Save Executive Director 11/18/22 Attendee
169 Deccan Fine Chemicals (India) Pvt Ltd India Francois Vuillemin Vice President - Business Development 01/10/23 Attendee
170 Deepwater Chemicals OK Jeff Bowman Sr. Sales & Business Dvlp 03/20/23 Exhibit Staff
171 Deepwater Chemicals OK Chawn Hensley Sr. Sales & Marketing 03/20/23 Exhibit Staff
172 Descartes Systems (USA) LLC Canada Mary Jo Negron Business Development Manager 03/27/23 Exhibit Staff
173 Descartes Systems (USA) LLC Canada Paul Rafferty Business Development Manager 03/27/23 Exhibit Staff
174 Dooley Chemicals TN Greg Gibson Vice President and COO 01/11/23 Attendee
175 Drexel Chemical Company TN Ernie Towell Procurement Manager 01/03/23 Attendee
176 Eastman Chemical TN Tay Egres Commercial Leader 03/24/23 Attendee
177 Eastman Chemical TN John Kelly Global Key Account Manager 03/03/23 Attendee
178 Edgewater Capital Partners OH Robert Girton Partner 02/08/23 Attendee
179 ekato corporation NJ Justin Lightner Regional Sales Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
180 ekato corporation NJ Josef Wagner Project Manager Sales 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
181 Elcan Industries NY Russell Grotto Director of Operations 01/20/23 Attendee
182 Elchemy India Shobhit Jain Director 03/13/23 Attendee
183 Elchemy DE Hardik Seth Director 03/13/23 Attendee
184 Elkem Silicones NJ Deanna Michna Bus. Dev. Manager 11/07/22 Exhibit Staff
185 Elkem Silicones NJ Roman Radekevich Market Manager 11/07/22 Exhibit Staff
186 Elkhart Plastics/Myers Industries IN Cullen Jones Vice President Sales 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
187 Elkhart Plastics/Myers Industries FL Dale Ohlrich Account Executive, IBC Division 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
188 Encapsys LLC WI Robert Ristow Strategic Sourcing Manager 03/22/23 Attendee
189 Equipment Xchange, LLC NJ JACK DESTEFANO PARTNER 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
190 Equipment Xchange, LLC NJ SCOTT TARZY PARTNER 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
191 Equipment Xchange, LLC NJ JON TARZY SALES 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
192 eschbach MA Andreas Eschbach CEO 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
193 eschbach North America MA Dennis Ladd Head, North America Sales 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
194 ESIM Chemicals GmbH Germany Jochen Dittombée Key Account & Project Management Director 03/03/23 Exhibit Staff
195 ESIM Chemicals GmbH Austria Lukas Schiffmann Deputy Head of Key Account & Project Management 03/03/23 Exhibit Staff
196 ESIM Chemicals GmbH Austria Frank Wegener CEO 03/03/23 Exhibit Staff
197 Ethox Chemicals SC William Davis Business Manager 12/08/22 Exhibit Staff
198 Ethox Chemicals SC Chris Welch VP Sales 12/08/22 Exhibit Staff
199 Ethox Chemicals, LLC SC Kurt Waldthausen Account Manager 03/21/23 Attendee
200 Evans, Witt and Partner LLC NC Chris Evans Managing Partner 03/23/23 Attendee
201 Evonik PA David Damminger NA External Manufacturing Functional Lead 02/24/23 Attendee
202 F2 Chemicals Ltd. United Kingdom Daisy Bradshaw Commercial Assistant 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
203 F2 Chemicals Ltd. United Kingdom Andy Penman Managing Director 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
204 Fanwood Chemical, Inc. NJ V.M. (Jim) DeLisi Chief 03/20/23 Attendee
205 Farmers Business Network GA Donald McDuffie Senior Production Planner 02/24/23 Attendee
206 FCI Technology NC Scott Macdonald National Sales and Marketing Manager 02/08/23 Attendee
207 Fine Organics Limited (Lianhetech) United Kingdom Simon Rowell Commercial Director 09/20/22 Exhibit Staff
208 Fine Organics Limited (Lianhetech) United Kingdom Liz Swainston Commercial Manager 09/20/22 Exhibit Staff
209 Fisher Specialty Advising, LLC SC Franklin Fisher President 03/14/23 Attendee
210 Fisher Specialty Advising, LLC SC Taylor Titus Executive Assistant 03/14/23 Attendee
211 FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation NY Frank Flow Chemical Industry & Analyzers Market Manager 09/22/22 Exhibit Staff
212 FLEXIM AMERICAS Corporation NY Jonathan Hogue South East Regional Sales Manager 09/22/22 Exhibit Staff
213 FlexSack by ABC Polymer AL Patrick Williams National Sales Representative 11/02/22 Exhibit Staff
214 FlexSack by ABC Polymer AL Patrick Williams National Sales Representative 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
215 FlexSack by ABC Polymer Industries AL Allen Aubin VP, Director of Sales & Business De 11/02/22 Exhibit Staff
216 Fluid Air IL Patricia DeMark Sales Engineer 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
217 Fluid Air IL Robert Sakhnovsky Sales Director 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
218 Fresco System USA PA Fidan Labbe Business Director 01/25/23 Attendee
219 Geo. Pfau's Sons Company, Inc. IN Brian Miller Vice President Sales 03/10/23 Attendee
220 GfM – Company for Milling & Micronization, Inc. NJ Anita Hiertz Key Account Manager 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
221 GfM – Company for Milling & Micronization, Inc. NJ Ante Rasack CEO 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
222 Global Pak, Inc. OH Brady Webster Sr. Business Development Manager 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
223 Global Pak, Inc. OH Matt Williams National Sales Rep 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
224 Gowan USA LLC AZ Leigh Loughead-Wilson Global Buyer - Supply Chain Procurement 02/08/23 Attendee
225 Greif, Inc. OH Tammy Drumheller Account Manager 02/17/23 Exhibit Staff
226 Greif, Inc. OH Claudia Frost Account Manager 02/17/23 Exhibit Staff
227 GSG Resources, LLC SC Carmine Sesa Partner 03/23/23 Attendee
228 Guardian Chemicals Inc. Canada Steven Chaulk Product and Procurement Manager 03/27/23 Attendee
229 Halocarbon GA Derek Brown Supply Chain Director 02/15/23 Attendee
230 Halocarbon GA Matthew Mailloux Supply Chain Manager 02/15/23 Attendee
231 Halocarbon GA Geise Ramos Procurement Specialist 02/15/23 Attendee
232 Haltermann Carless IN Bryan Schorr NA Sales Manager 02/08/23 Attendee
233 Harcros Chemicals, Inc. KS Matt Shipp Market Manager - Agriculture 02/20/23 Attendee
234 Haviland Products MI Laura Jakel HPC Account Manager 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
235 Haviland Products Company MI Dan Burke HPC Account Manager 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
236 Haviland Products Company MI Kyle Gumbleton Buyer II 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
237 Haviland Products Company MI JIM KNAPE Sr. Director of Contract Mfg 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
238 Haviland Products Company MI MARK SIEGRIST HPC Senior Technical Sales 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
239 HeiQ Chemtex NC DAVID BILBRO Technical Vice President 02/01/23 Attendee
240 Helena Industries, LLC TN Phil Berryman President & CEO 02/16/23 Attendee
241 Helena Industries, LLC TN Scott Braswell Director Sales & Procurement 02/16/23 Attendee
242 Helena Industries, LLC TN Jeremy Cromwell Customer Liasion 02/16/23 Attendee
243 Helena Industries, LLC GA Jeff Owens Toll Sales Manager 02/16/23 Attendee
244 Helena Industries, LLC TN David Wicker Procurement Manager 02/16/23 Attendee
245 Herding Filtration LLC MI Richard Allen Vice President of Sales 09/23/22 Exhibit Staff
246 Herding Filtration LLC MI Jim Dexter Applications Engineer 09/23/22 Exhibit Staff
247 Hoover Treated Wood Products GA Jeffrey Davis Director of Licensees & Chemical 03/02/23 Attendee
248 Houlihan Lokey NY Leland Harrs Managing Director 01/18/23 Attendee
249 Hydrite WI Matthew Dettlaff Corporate Accounts Manager 02/08/23 Attendee
250 ICL MO John Painter Account Manager 02/15/23 Attendee
251 ICL Phosphate Specialties AL Brian Crumpton Account Executive 02/20/23 Attendee
252 InCon Process Systems IL Ralph Scully Sales VP 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
253 Independent Chemical Corp NY jonathan spielman President 02/08/23 Attendee
254 Indorama Ventures Oxides & Derivatives TX Brett Butler Sr Account Manager 03/14/23 Attendee
255 INEOS Acetyls IL Sam Mawlawi Sales Mgr - US Midwest/West Coast & Canada 03/14/23 Attendee
256 INEOS Acetyls PA Roger Sumner Account Manager 03/07/23 Attendee
257 Ingevity SC Ashley Brown Global Contract Manufacturing Manager 03/20/23 Attendee
258 Integrity BioChem TX Jacob Galm Procurement Manager 03/08/23 Attendee
259 Integrity BioChem TX Lee Manning Business Development Manager 03/08/23 Attendee
260 International Chemical Group Canada Edward Baher President 02/08/23 Attendee
261 International Chemical Group Canada Veronica Toft Procurement and Logistics 02/08/23 Attendee
262 Intrepid Web Solutions MA Craig Anderson President 02/20/23 Attendee
263 Inventys Research Company Pvt Ltd India Deepak Birewar Chairman and Managing Director 11/22/22 Attendee
264 Iofina Chemical, Inc. KY Thomas Becker CEO 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
265 Iofina Chemical, Inc. KY Kurt Jones COO 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
266 IPCO US LLC NJ Kevin Hagan Sales Engineer 01/17/23 Exhibit Staff
267 Ivanhoe Industries IL Don Boutzarelos Midwest Regional Sales Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
268 Ivanhoe Industries IL Keith Hammerschmidt National Sales Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
269 Ivanhoe Industries IL Jon Parsley Eastern Regional Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
270 Ivanhoe Industries IL Paul Peebles Executive Vice President 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
271 IWL, Inc FL Gary Southern President 02/08/23 Attendee
272 J. Rettenmaier USA LP MI Kathleen Collins Sales Engineer 09/21/22 Exhibit Staff
273 JAIN CHEM LTD. SC REMY SAMUEL COO 11/29/22 Exhibit Staff
274 JohnPac LA GUNNER AKER VP OF SALES & MARKETING 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
275 JohnPac LA HANS PECKHAUS TECHNICAL DIRECTOR 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
276 Johnson Matthey NJ Vik Kundu Sales Representative - Refining 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
277 Johnson Matthey TN John Runyan Procurement Manager 11/17/22 Attendee
278 Johnson Matthey NJ Logan Schnorbus Technical Sales Manager 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
279 KCH Transportation TN Daniel Goolsby Specialist, Business Development 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
280 KCH Transportation TN Sidney Hayes Sr. Specialist, Business Development 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
281 KCH Transportation TN Kevin Mendez Manager, Drayage Operations 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
282 KCH Transportation TN Brooklyn Spengeman Manager, Business Development 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
283 KD Pharma SC James Schwindeman Director of Business Development 01/17/23 Attendee
284 KIK Consumer Products IL Kyla Johnson Category Manager - Chemicals 02/13/23 Attendee
285 Kingchem Life Science, LLC NJ Colin Eckerling Director of Sales 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
286 Kingchem Life Science, LLC NJ Ryan Yoder Senior VP Business Development 02/08/23 Exhibit Staff
287 Kraton Chemical, LLC FL Robert Rogers Facility Procurement 03/10/23 Attendee
288 Kraton Corporation WV Daniel Curtis Global Tolling Manager 03/09/23 Attendee
289 La Petite Roche Technologies AR Robby Callahan Purchasing Manager - Chemicals 02/08/23 Attendee
290 La Petite Roche Technologies AR David Fortune VP - La Petite Roche Technologies 11/18/22 Attendee
291 LabCorp IN Bradley Dayton Director, Business Development, Crop Protection & Chemicals 03/10/23 Attendee
292 Lanxess PA Glen Bowen Head of Sales, Americas Region 03/16/23 Attendee
293 Lanxess CT Philip DiSalvo Account Manager 03/16/23 Attendee
294 LANXESS | Saltigo PA Steve Aderman Business Development Manager 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
295 LANXESS | Saltigo Germany Robert Bloodworth Head of Sourcing & Strategic Business Dev. 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
296 LANXESS | Saltigo PA Tim Gagne Communications Manager 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
297 LANXESS | Saltigo Germany Andre Grossmann Head of Key Account Management 02/24/23 Exhibit Staff
298 LANXESS | Saltigo Germany Christoph Schaffrath Head of Marketing & Sales 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
299 LANXESS | Saltigo Germany Olaf Scharbert Position Head of Procurement Raw Materials 02/24/23 Exhibit Staff
300 LANXESS | Saltigo PA Verena Vensky Head of Saltigo, North America 02/10/23 Exhibit Staff
301 Lanxess Corporation PA John Schettler Sales 02/08/23 Attendee
302 Lazard MN Joe Smaby Director 02/09/23 Attendee
303 Lee Container Corporation GA DAVID TAYLOR Vice President Sales 02/20/23 Attendee
304 Lehan Chemical VA Linda LaFontaine Owner 11/29/22 Attendee
305 Lehan Chemical VA Adele LaFontaine Sales 02/09/23 Attendee
306 Lehan Chemical VA Kori LaFontaine Sales 02/09/23 Attendee
307 Lehan Chemical VA Brian LaFontaine President 11/29/22 Attendee
308 Lehan Chemical VA Karl LaFontaine Sales 11/29/22 Attendee
309 Lehan Chemical VA Erik LaFontaine Sales 11/29/22 Attendee
310 Linde IL Roman Grosman National Business Development Director 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
311 Linde CT Alfred Horn Business Development 12/07/22 Attendee
312 Linde CT Walter Renz Associate Director, Business Development 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
313 Lowry Rhoads Associates TX Jonathan Rhoads Managing Partner 03/21/23 Attendee
314 Manuchar inc Canada Sebastien Fortier President 01/23/23 Attendee
315 Manuchar inc Canada Marie-Claude Genest Executive General Manager 01/23/23 Attendee
316 Mauser Packaging Solutions IL Kathleen Donovan Marketing Manager 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
317 Mauser Packaging Solutions IL Mark Puchalla Director, Plastic Business Development 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
318 Mauser Packaging Solutions IL Michelle Witherspoon Key Account Manager 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
319 Merge Chemistry VA Tom Borak Head of Commercial Development 12/02/22 Exhibit Staff
320 Merge Chemistry VA Tyler Farnsworth Head of Technical & Product Development 12/02/22 Exhibit Staff
321 MEY Corporation NC Antoine Puech President and CEO 02/23/23 Attendee
322 MFG Chemical FL Jon Amdursky Marketing Communications 03/20/23 Attendee
323 Micro Powders, Inc. NY Rich Czarnecki Vice President 01/23/23 Exhibit Staff
324 Micro Powders, Inc. NY Bob Stearns Regional Sales Manager 01/23/23 Exhibit Staff
325 Milliken & Co SC Joe Fiore Global Sourcing 03/16/23 Attendee
326 Milliken & Company SC Ron Smalls Sourcing Manager 03/25/23 Attendee
327 Milliken and Company SC Al Kiser Global Procurement Spealist 03/20/23 Attendee
328 Milliken and Company SC Simon Zhang Global Sourcing Manager 03/18/23 Attendee
329 MJS Packaging GA James Latimer SE Region Sales Manager 01/26/23 Attendee
330 Monument Chemical TX Liam McMillan Custom Manufacturing Director 11/17/22 Attendee
331 Monument Chemical KY Deb Schofner Custom Manufacturing Development Manager 09/19/22 Attendee
332 Mount Vernon Chemicals NC Michael Zavaglia Executive Vice President 03/20/23 Attendee
333 MSU Bioeconomy Institute MI Tom Bauer Environmental Compliance Officer 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
334 National Association of Chemical Distributors VA Roselle Foley Senior Director, Business Development 10/24/22 Exhibit Staff
335 National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) VA Jenni Jenkins Director, Membership 10/24/22 Exhibit Staff
336 Nauset Mountain, LLC NC Jeff Edwards Principal 12/06/22 Attendee
337 Neuchem Inc. NV Emsley Caldwell Procurement Manager 02/22/23 Attendee
338 New Life Chemical SC Elliott Gibbs Chief Chemist 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
339 New Life Chemical SC Tim Northcutt Vice President 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
340 New Life Chemical SC Daniel Ross Vice President 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
341 Nouryon TX Claudia Giraldo Tolling Engineer 11/09/22 Attendee
342 Novalent NC Kevin Parrish President & CEO 09/28/22 Exhibit Staff
343 Nufarm Americas IL TJ Neidlein Director, Contract Manufacturing and Asset Mgmt 03/24/23 Attendee
344 Octochem, Inc. IL John Caffarelli Business Development Mgr. 09/08/22 Exhibit Staff
345 OctoChem, Inc. IL Denny Grant General Mgr. 09/08/22 Exhibit Staff
346 OctoChem, Inc. IL Mark Langston President 09/08/22 Exhibit Staff
347 Ohio Chemistry Technology Council OH Jenn Klein President 11/18/22 Attendee
348 Omega Recycling LLC NJ James Nerger President/Owner 12/14/22 Attendee
349 Optima Chemical GA Doug Cochran GM & VP of Business Development 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
350 Optima Chemical GA Gene Williams President 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
351 Optima Chemical GA Keith Woodward Manager, Supply Chain 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
352 Optima Chemical Group, LLC GA Ed Lefler Director, Business Development 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
353 ORG CHEM Group IN Kristi Collins Customer Service Manager / Inside Sales 03/08/23 Exhibit Staff
354 ORG CHEM Group IN Matt Loebbaka Business Development Manager 03/08/23 Exhibit Staff
355 ORG CHEM Group IN Jonathon Zachary R&D manager 03/10/23 Exhibit Staff
356 Palmer Holland, Inc. OH Anthony Bovalina Account Manager - Agriculture 01/25/23 Attendee
357 Palmer Holland, Inc. OH Bret Horace Director - Health & Nutrition 01/25/23 Attendee
358 Paramount Colors Inc IL Brad Housenga Technical Sales Manager 11/04/22 Exhibit Staff
359 Paramount Colors Inc IL Krishna Iyer President 11/04/22 Exhibit Staff
360 Paramount Colors Inc IL Jim Wolfe Procurement Manager 03/21/23 Exhibit Staff
361 Parchem NY Luigi Magliaro EVP 02/08/23 Attendee
362 Paul O. Abbe Inc IL Jeff Hoffmann Vice President 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
363 PCC Chemax, Inc. SC Katherine Bossert Director of Operations/Customer Relations 12/27/22 Attendee
364 PCC Chemax, Inc. SC Katherine Bossert Director of Customer Relations 01/11/23 Attendee
365 PCC Chemax, Inc. SC Walter Mebane President and CEO 12/27/22 Attendee
366 PCC Chemax, Inc. SC Walter Mebane President and CEO 01/11/23 Attendee
367 Pennakem TN James Kasper Vice President Sales and Marketing 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
368 Pennakem TN Barry Roberts Commercial Director - North America 09/29/22 Exhibit Staff
371 PFP Commercial Consulting SC Jim Stavrakas Managing Director 03/14/23 Attendee
372 PHT International, Inc. NC Ansley Cockerham Sales Account Manager 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
373 PHT International, Inc. NC Mark Witterholt BU Head Agro & Industrial 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
374 PHT International, Inc. NC Lihong Yu Chairwoman 09/12/22 Exhibit Staff
375 Pivot Bio TX Russell Green Procurement Buyer 01/17/23 Attendee
376 Polinsky Chemical NC Alex Polinsky Chemical Tolling Consultant 03/20/23 Attendee
377 Polyrheo PA Jijo George Director 11/24/22 Exhibit Staff
378 Polyrheo PA Tony Thomas President 11/24/22 Exhibit Staff
379 Polystar Containment OH Brandon Kissinger Outside Sales - Mid West & North East 09/22/22 Exhibit Staff
380 Polystar Containment OH Tyler Miller Outside Sales - South East 09/22/22 Exhibit Staff
381 Powell MI Matthew Brown Regional Sales Manager 09/30/22 Exhibit Staff
382 Powell MI Olivia Ostrander Sales Specialist 09/30/22 Exhibit Staff
383 Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC James Canavaciol INSIDE SALES 02/06/23 Attendee
384 Pulcra Chemicals LLC SC Lynn Monteith Purchasing Specialist 02/06/23 Attendee
385 QV Chemicals LLC WA Ajit Shah Vice President, Business Development 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
386 QV Chemicals LLC WA Jeffrey Slocum Business Development & Sales 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
387 R.E. Carroll Inc. NJ David Carroll Vice President 02/27/23 Attendee
388 R.E. Carroll, Inc. NJ Robert Carroll President 02/27/23 Attendee
389 Regional Economic Development Partnershi WV Jason Rine Director of Business Development 01/18/23 Attendee
390 Reliance Label Solutions KS Jim Garvic Director of Sales & Marketing 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
391 Reliance Label Solutions KS Pam Mosher Regional Sales Manager 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
392 Reliance Label Solutions KS Mike Wilkinson Business Development Manager 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
393 Row2 Technologies Inc. NJ Anand Ramakrishnan Vice President - Sales 01/15/23 Attendee
394 Royal Chemical OH Paul Filchock Senior Account Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
395 Royal Chemical OH Nick LaMagna VP of Sales 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
396 Ryder TX Jess Buhl Director 03/07/23 Attendee
397 Ryder KY Adam Campbell Director, Business Development 02/28/23 Attendee
398 S&P Global Market Intelligence NY Rebecca Davidson Sales Specialist 02/13/23 Exhibit Staff
399 S&P Global Market Intelligence NY Aliet Martinez Vice President Sales 02/13/23 Exhibit Staff
400 Sabin Metal Corporation NY Dan Fisher Sales Manager 10/03/22 Attendee
401 SBM Life Science Corp. NC Ronald Lutz Director - Tolling 03/23/23 Attendee
402 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Christi Campbell Chief Financial Officer 03/18/23 Attendee
403 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Chad Kern President & CEO 12/20/22 Exhibit Staff
404 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Brad Leonard Plant Manager 03/18/23 Attendee
405 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Rebecca Rodgers Chief Operations Officer 12/20/22 Exhibit Staff
406 Schirm USA, Inc. TX Luis Vazquez Master Scheduler & Purchasing Manager 03/18/23 Attendee
407 Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ Dan Dengler Regional Sales Mgr. 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
408 Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ Deborah Kirkland Vice President, Sales & Marketing 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
409 Schuetz Container Systems, Inc. NJ John Millard Regional Sales Mgr. 03/22/23 Exhibit Staff
410 SCT GA Jason Marti Vice President 11/17/22 Attendee
411 SCT GA Frank Wagner VP Business Development 11/17/22 Attendee
412 Seatex LLC TX Eric Eby Strategic Account Manager 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
413 Seatex LLC TX John Fries Senior Sales Director 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
414 Seatex LLC TX Stephen George Account Representative 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
415 Seatex LLC TX Jonathan O'Dwyer President & CEO 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
416 Seatex LLC TX Amanda Sutton Director - Business Development 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
417 Sensient Colors, LLc MO Keith Brewer Sales Manager 09/28/22 Exhibit Staff
418 Sensient Colors, LLc MO Chad Stafford Sales Manager 09/28/22 Exhibit Staff
419 Seqens Custom Specialties United Kingdom Brian Tarbit Business Development Director 11/25/22 Exhibit Staff
420 Sharp International TX Cameron Fulkerson Dir. of Planning & Procurement 03/07/23 Attendee
421 Sharp International TX Hanah McAdams Sourcing Specialist 03/07/23 Attendee
422 SharpTech USA VA John Sharpley President 11/21/22 Attendee
423 Silver Fern Chemical Inc WA King Holmes Account Manager 11/23/22 Exhibit Staff
424 Silver Fern Chemical Inc CA Sam King President 11/23/22 Exhibit Staff
425 Sinocompound NJ Ruishan Chow Business Development Manager 03/23/23 Exhibit Staff
426 Sinocompound NJ Gerard Compagnoni Chief Commercial Officer 03/23/23 Exhibit Staff
427 Sinova Specialties Inc. NC Johannes Heckmann Business Development 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
428 SMC Global NJ Daniel Byrd Solvents Business Manager 12/07/22 Attendee
429 SMC Global NJ Stephen Schmidt Global Business Director 12/07/22 Attendee
430 Solutions Contract Packaging TX Keith McCoy President 09/26/22 Exhibit Staff
431 Solvay PA Troy Palmer Regional Market Director 02/08/23 Attendee
432 SOLVAY USA NJ Krish Shanmuga Business Develop Mgr, NA 03/21/23 Attendee
433 Southern Chemical & Textile SC Jack Drawdy Vice President of Sales 11/17/22 Attendee
434 Southern Fasteners & Supply NC Paula Holder Business Development 09/19/22 Exhibit Staff
435 Southern Fasteners & Supply Inc NC Loran Perkins Business Development Manager 09/19/22 Exhibit Staff
436 Spectra Colors Corp NJ Deborah Morgan Account Manager 01/17/23 Exhibit Staff
437 Spectra Colors Corp NJ Diane O'Hara Account Manager 01/17/23 Exhibit Staff
438 Stepan IL Brian Frank Global Sales Director Agricultural Solutions 02/14/23 Attendee
439 Steri Technologies NY Garrett Bergquist Director - Sales & Business Dev. 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
440 Steri Technologies NY James Clark Sales Engineer 09/16/22 Exhibit Staff
441 Sulzer Switzerland Ilaria De Puri Senior Sales Engineer 03/22/23 Attendee
442 Sulzer Chemtech TX Erik Wielang Regional Sales Manager 03/03/23 Attendee
443 Summit Agro USA, LLC NC Kim Poplin Operations Finance Manager 12/05/22 Attendee
444 Sun Chemical Corporation OH Mark Dugan Toll Operations Manager Americas 03/16/23 Attendee
445 Superior Industrial Services IN Shane Cline Vice President 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
446 Superior Industrial Solutions SC Jayson Blanton General Manager 12/05/22 Exhibit Staff
447 Superior Industrial Solutions IN Beau Fulk Sales Product Support 03/27/23 Exhibit Staff
448 Superior Industrial Solutions, Inc. IN Michael Sullivan Sales Development Manager 12/05/22 Attendee
449 Suterra LLC OR Thomas Lau Dir. Chemistry and Chemical Sourcing 02/28/23 Attendee
450 Swan Chemical, Inc. NJ Ray Fahmy President 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
451 Swift Economics NC Kevin Swift Managing Director 03/20/23 Attendee
452 Syngenta Crop Protection NC William Baughman Tolling Production Manager 02/20/23 Attendee
453 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Brian Brown Tolling Production Manager 02/09/23 Attendee
454 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Eli Grogan Procurment Manager 03/07/23 Attendee
455 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Jennifer Lambert Procurement Manager 02/08/23 Attendee
456 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Jennifer Lindley Procurement Manager - Co-Formulants 01/23/23 Attendee
457 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Benny Martin NA Procurement 02/08/23 Attendee
458 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Thomas Medlin, III Tolling Production Manager Team Lead 02/08/23 Attendee
459 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Amanda Pope Tolling Production Manager 02/16/23 Attendee
460 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Taylor Rowland Procurement Manager 01/23/23 Attendee
461 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Laramie Scanlon Tolling Production Manager 02/09/23 Attendee
462 Syngenta Crop Protection NC Adam Voisard Tolling Production Manager Team Lead 02/09/23 Attendee
463 SynQuest Labs FL Paul Mazzell Chief Operating Officer 03/13/23 Attendee
464 Syntha Group NC Cres Calabrese Vice Chairman / CSO 11/17/22 Attendee
465 Technologie Inovaweld Inc Canada Michel Levesque VP Sales & Marketing 11/23/22 Exhibit Staff
466 Technologie Inovaweld Inc Canada Michael Robichaud Sales & Marketing 11/23/22 Exhibit Staff
467 TensTech Inc NC Thomas Theyson Technical Director, TensTech Inc 02/08/23 Attendee
468 Texas Molecular LP TX Jimmy Bracher Vice President Sales - Haz Waste Srvcs. 03/01/23 Exhibit Staff
469 Texas Molecular LP TX Lisa Brown Account Manager - Waste 03/01/23 Exhibit Staff
470 Texas Molecular LP TX Stephen Franklin National Account Manager - Waste 03/01/23 Exhibit Staff
471 Texas Molecular LP TX Theresa Garrett Account Manager - Waste 03/01/23 Exhibit Staff
472 Texas Molecular LP TX Chris Lobue Region VP - Waste 03/01/23 Exhibit Staff
473 Texas Molecular LP TX Frank Marine Business Development - Waste 03/01/23 Exhibit Staff
474 The Chemical Company RI Raymond Altenburger Vice President of Business Development 10/07/22 Exhibit Staff
475 The Chemical Company RI Steve Friedewald Sales 10/07/22 Exhibit Staff
476 The Chemical Company RI Nicole Greenberg Inside Sales Manager 10/07/22 Exhibit Staff
477 The Chemical Company RI Cory Mullins Sales & Product Manager 10/07/22 Exhibit Staff
478 The Chemical Company RI AJ Petrarca Vice President of Sales 10/07/22 Exhibit Staff
479 The Chemical Company RI Ben Sawicki Sales & Marketing 10/07/22 Exhibit Staff
480 The Lewis Chemical Company GA Kevin King V.P. Sales & Marketing 02/06/23 Attendee
481 The Logistix Company RI Joe Hassenfratz Sales Manager 01/20/23 Exhibit Staff
482 The Logistix Company RI Jameson Mielde Special Projects Manager 01/20/23 Exhibit Staff
483 THIELMANN - The Container Company TX Ernst Albach Product Line Manager 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
484 THIELMANN - The Container Company TX Gerek Foote Sales Area Manager 03/17/23 Exhibit Staff
485 Third Coast TX HL Barnett Eng. & Reaction Director 09/15/22 Exhibit Staff
486 Third Coast TX Grif Carnes Vice President Asset Commercialization 09/15/22 Exhibit Staff
487 Third Coast TX Robert Chapa Account Manager 09/15/22 Exhibit Staff
488 Third Coast TX Fred Smith Reaction Business Development & Technical Project Manager 09/15/22 Exhibit Staff
489 Third Coast Bank TX Bill Bobbora Chief Banking Officer 12/22/22 Attendee
490 Third Coast Bank TX Trey Romero EVP 12/22/22 Attendee
491 Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. United Kingdom Vera Ivkovic Business Development Manager 03/16/23 Exhibit Staff
492 Tiarco Chemical, LLC GA Gary Collette NA Grease & Lubricant Manager 09/19/22 Exhibit Staff
493 Tiarco Chemical, LLC NC Greg Mecimore Regional Sales Manager 09/19/22 Exhibit Staff
494 Tiarco Chemical, LLC GA Mark Sellers Global Sales and Marketing Director 09/19/22 Exhibit Staff
495 Tilley Distribution, Inc. MD BILL FLUHARTY VICE PRESIDENT, SALES 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
496 Tilley Distribution, Inc. MD ANDREW NOVAK TERRITORY ACCOUNT MANAGER 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
497 Tilley Distribution, Inc. MD JACK REYNOLDS DIRECTOR, SALES 02/09/23 Exhibit Staff
498 Tosoh USA OH Michael East Business Development Manager 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
499 Total Petrochemicals & Refining USA Inc CO Beth Frontczak Tolling Manager 03/27/23 Attendee
500 Trinity Logistics DE Tony Colella Senior Sales Executive 02/06/23 Exhibit Staff
501 Trinity Logistics MO Ashley Lindsey Director of Sales 02/06/23 Exhibit Staff
502 Trinity Logistics MO Ryan O'Halloran Enterprise Sales Director 03/14/23 Exhibit Staff
503 Trinity Logistics DE Brittany Siegel Director of Marketing 02/06/23 Exhibit Staff
504 Trucent Renewable Chemicals MI Brian DeSantis Director 11/14/22 Attendee
505 Trumont International NY Komail Thaver Managing Director 02/17/23 Attendee
509 Valudor Products, LLC CA Rosco Sazdanoff Product Manager, Industrial Chemicals 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
510 Valudor Products, LLC CA Michelle Tung VP Supply Chain & Operations 03/15/23 Exhibit Staff
511 Van Horn Metz PA BARRETT FISHER President 03/24/23 Attendee
512 Van Horn Metz, Inc VA Randy Bumgarner Southeast Regional Sales Manager 03/27/23 Attendee
513 Vendavo, Inc. CO Paul Sansom Business Consultant 02/03/23 Exhibit Staff
514 Vendavo, Inc. CO Tariq Shah Sr. Enterprise Account Executive 02/03/23 Exhibit Staff
515 Wacker Chemical Company MI Drake Neilands Chemist 02/15/23 Attendee
516 Wacker Chemical Corporation MI Rajanikanth Prasad Marketing Manager 02/08/23 Attendee
517 Webb Chemical MI John Hill Sales Manager 02/27/23 Attendee
518 Webb Chemical Service Corp MI Kari Maciag Account Manager 02/24/23 Attendee
519 West Virginia Department of Economic Development WV Samantha Smith Manager, Business and Industrial Development 11/17/22 Exhibit Staff
520 West Virginia Dept. of Economic Development WV Clarance Smith Manager, Business and Industrial Development 01/24/23 Exhibit Staff
521 Western States Machine Company OH Jose Alonso Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sales Manager 02/17/23 Exhibit Staff
522 Western States Machine Company OH Art Leon Botanicals Sales Managers 02/17/23 Exhibit Staff
523 Western States Machine Company OH Angel Proano Director of Sales and Marketing 02/17/23 Exhibit Staff
524 Whitaker Chemicals SC Richard Steele Sales 11/29/22 Attendee
525 YASHASHVI RASAYAN PVT LTD India HARSH PATEL Director 03/14/23 Attendee
526 Zschimmer & Schwarz Inc. GA Anthony Martinez Sales Manager - Industrial Specialties 11/21/22 Attendee

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